Early Reading Books We Like & Use

Early Reader Books are important to have, but also important is to make sure they are the right reading level for your child. We have several different early reader books that we like at our house. These are ones that I have found work really well. They build good early reading skills. They also are good levels for early reading and you can find out for sure what DRA or Guided Reading Level the books are. I have some of that information listed below.

Early Reading Books We Like & Use - 3Dinosaurs.com

BOB Books

If you have not guess by now I really like the BOB Books. There are great for the first steps into reading. Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers starts you off with simple CVC words that you can sound out. You can work on building up to more words through the set. I like also that the books include a range for their learning level: Grade Level A-C and Lexile Range BR – 290L. I found this information on the BOB Books website. The web site has a lot of information. Each level of books builds on on the next set. So when you get to Bob Books Set 2-Advancing Beginners the levels are Grade Level C-E and Lexile Range BR – 380L.

First Little Readers

There are books that are made to the guided reading level. First Little Readers Parent Pack: Guided Reading Level A: 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers is an example. These books are really goof for just starting out reading. They work well with the BOB Books. These books take the guessing game out of picking books.

Dick and Jane

The Dick and Jane books come in sevel different levels. You want to make sure you start at level 1. We Play (Read With Dick and Jane) is one of the level one books. It is a Guided Reading Level of D and DRA of 6. They are a good set of books to use with BOB Books Set 2 & 3. There are two others are this same level. Go, Go, Go (Read with Dick and Jane) and


Biscuit Phonics Fun (My First I Can Read) is another set of books that I really like. Each book has the words you will be working on in the book. This gives you an easy way to make flash cards or words to work on in advance. The books are simple and easy to read. They are something you might use after you have done BOB Books Set 1, 2, & 3. Most of them are around a DRA of 10 and Guided Reading Level of F.

Just Right Books

Knowing early reader books helps but also having the knowledge to know if a book is just right for your child is also important. I love this book: How to Choose “Just Right” Books: Helping Kids Grow As Readers. It has many good chapters on finding out if your child is reading the right book or if it is to hard for them. It goes into details about why that is also important. You can frustrate a child that is learning to read if they don’t have the right book. This book was written by This Reading Mama. She has great knowledge and wants people to learn to read.

Early Reading Books We Like & Use - 3Dinosaurs.com

To check to see what level your books are at your house check out Scholastics Book Wizard.

What are some of your favorite early reader books?

Check out some of the ways we have use our early reader printables:

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7 Responses to Early Reading Books We Like & Use

  1. Martianne says:

    Than you for sharing your favorite early readers. We like some of the same ones, but I also found a few new series to look into in your post. You might love the picture book I shared at Montessori Monday today as it is a “real picture book” but VERY easy to read. My daughter has been enjoying her success with it.

  2. Jill says:

    Early readers are a great way to get your child ready and willing to read more and more books. We loved the BOB Series in our house.

  3. I bought the BOB books after reading about it here! And those Biscuit books look about just right for my daughter right now too!

  4. Ashley says:

    Good selections! We have used the BOB books and Dick and Jane!

  5. Victoria says:

    Dick and Jane are such a classic! I loved using BOB books in my classroom and definitely will use them at home!

  6. Great list! I used the BOB books with my twins and they worked really well. I remember the Dick and Jane books from when I was a kid 😉 Thanks so much for sharing … pinned!

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