Fun Book Finds For October 2016

What you still read picture books to your girls? But your oldest is in 5th grade now! Yes, we all read picture books. A lot of picture books are perfect for older kids. Plus even older children can learn from the stories. There are many projects you can do with a book beyond the preschool age.

Every week at the library we all pick out picture books. Yes everyone does. I always enjoy watching my girls do a picture walk through a book to see if they might like the book. Picture books are loads of fun for all ages.

Fun Book Finds For October 2016: Pete the Cat, bedtime, dragons, writing stories, snowy days, friends, Thanksgiving, rain -

This month we have a mix between what my girls picked out and what I did. They have some favorites they picked out this month.
Which book do you think they liked the best?

They all have links to Amazon where you can find additional inforamtion about them.

Outstanding in the Rain is a great story where every part has a hole and as you turn the page it reveales what is on the next page. It is a fun story where follow them through the amusement park!

Blanche Hates the Night is a fun book about a girls that gets creative at night! Her mind starts going and she just does not want to sleep. I love this book for all the creative things the mom says to her!

Jill & Dragon is a story about how Jill finishes her book and notices not everyone is happy and she wants to change that. It is a fun story about how she makes the dragon happy and returns him to the book. So everyone has a happily ever after.

The Storyteller is funs tory about a story teller and how story tellers tell stories. This one comes from from Morocco and is about a boy learning from a story teller. It is a fun story to hear as well. There is a fun after note about storytellers and oral history as well. We enjoyed reading this one!

A Squiggly Story is about learning to tell stories with only knowing a few letters and not many words. I love how the story progressing and that you can learn about writing and telling stories without having all the big and small words. Plus he wants to be just like his big sister.

Pete the Cat: Snow Daze (My First I Can Read) is a great book about how many snow days before you want to go back to school! I know we had lots of few years ago and my girls could not wait to get back to school. I love the easy reader books that they have put out for this series!

Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes is a book to learn about being kind to others and give them a second chance. We all need a second chance if we can give it. There are loads of fun clues to look at as well.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Turkey! are a set of stories that I just LOVE! They are fun and repeative. I have made a themed pack for just about every book in the series. So what do you get at the end of the book? Even when we know we love to read these!

October Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

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