Garden in the Woods Trip Review

Garden in the WoodsName: Garden in the Woods
Location: Framingham, Massachusetts
Length of stay: 100 minutes

Garden in the Woods is part of New England Wild Flower Society’s. It is a great collection of plants native to New England. You can see wild selection of common and rare plants to the area. It is fun to see the many different types plant, insect and animal life. There is a fun path to follow through all the plants.

Through out the area there are little signs that tell you the names of the plants. It was fun to look for the many different colored signs. There are also big signs that tell you something about the area you are in. It was fun to look for these different signs to read. On the map provided it tells you how to read the small plant labels. The labels tell you Botanical name, Common Name and plant family. It will also tell you where in the US you might find it. It was fun to see just how many rare plants they had.

Garden in the Woods

The Lily Pond was the girls favorite stop of the trip. We saw a variety of life while there: turtles in the pond & dragon flies were flying around. While waiting we heard frogs, but never saw a frog. It was a lot of fun to watch the turtles eating at the edge of the pond. There was lots of wildlife noises that you could hear. The girls did a bingo game while on the trail. Most of the items could be found at the Lily Pond.

Garden in the Woods

We followed the Curtis Path. It is about a mile long. It was an easy walk and lots to see. We passed by many different trees, ferns and flowering plants. Mary liked to point out the colors of the plants. Rose and Amelia liked to find different types of plants. There were some great views along the trail. There are several small trail that take off and rejoin the Curtis Path.

Garden in the Woods

We did one side path the Hop Brook Trail. It was fun to watch the brook as we walked around it. The girls looked for water bugs and anything else they could find in the water. The small trail was well worth the side visit to see. The girls also liked the roots you could see in the trail. It took about 10 minutes to walk the side trail.

Garden in the Woods

The girls and I loved this trip. it was different. We followed the trip up by reading books about plants.

Garden in the Woods

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7 Responses to Garden in the Woods Trip Review

  1. Gina says:

    What a wonderful day out! Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing! ­čÖé

  2. The Monko says:

    It looks like an incredible place. Goblin would love exploring there. He found a lilly pond at a country park near us and he spent ages watching the fish eating at the surface. I just love all those dark and inviting paths in the woods too.

  3. What a beautiful tour of photos you have shared of Garden in the Woods here. We venture to Massachusetts at times, so we will have to keep this beautiful, natural place on our list of sites to see.

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