March 2016 Book Finds

Every month we look forward to finding new books. It has become something my girls look forward to. When we go to the library now, they are looking for the new books on the top of the book shelves. They sometimes ask what books are new this week to the librarians. I have found that I look for new books as well. We do come home with a lot of the same books, but the new books are something they look forward to finding now.

This month is all library books for us. My girls picked out what books they liked the most during the month for our book finds this month.

March 2016 Book Finds: night time, animals, ABC, friends, owls, library, and Rome -

Awake Beautiful Child is a fun book about decribing your day with just the letters ABC for your words. I love the combination of words that they came up with.

Cricket Song is a fun book about the sounds at night and two children that are connected by those sounds. I love that you progress through the picture at the bottom of the pages. We had fun picking out where each picture might be on it. I love the simple sounds and actions of each of the animal as you go through the book.

Surprise in the Meadow is a book that follows the life cycle of a sunflower. We really like sunflowers and how pretty they are. It is fun to ask a child what they think the surprise is at the start of the book. I love how creative it is using the chipmunk that you follow through the story.

Library Day (A My First Experience Book) about going to the library for the first time. I like this book because as your kids get older they might want their own library card. This also shows kids how to check out books and all the different things you might find at the library.

Hoot and Peep is a fun story about a brother and sister owl. The older old is going to show Peep how you do things. But Peep just wants to sing her own song. I love how create the words are that Peep sings. I also like that it shows kids that you don’t always have to follow what someone else says and you can still be friends.

Rome Antics is look at City of Rome through a carrier pigeon. I love the black and white with small red as you follow the bird through the city. The book is a good way to learn about the city and things in it. I love the path and the details of the pages. The back of the book has lots of information about each picture at the end of the book. This is an older book but we really did enjoy it.

Zen Socks is a story about how you can learn many different ways. Plus you can learn from others as well. I like how creative this books tells stories inside it. Each story is creative and fun to read.

What books did you read this month?

Book Finds March -

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