Great Book Finds May 2019

I love the time just before summer starts. We are always looking for new books to read and it is a great time to check out new picture books.

Picture books can be great for many different ages. And they cover great themes. I know that was certain picture books that really got my girls into reading. They don’t always want to read but it does help to know what you like to read.

Every month we pick out new books and enjoy reading each of them. We always pick out a few of our favorites to share each month. This month we had a mix of library and books we got at the store.

May 2019 Book Finds - cats, music, friends, differences, shapes, fear, taking care of the earth, night -

As always there are links to Amazon for the books so you can read more about the books and some have sample pages you can look at.

Becasue is a wonderful story by Mo Willems about a girls and her learning about music and what change it brings in her life. She works hard to learn about music and makes her own. This book is a wonderful story about hard work and pursuing something you love.

Moon’s Messenger is a wonderful book about taking care of the ocean and our world. A green sea turtle takes her around the world showing her what is happening. The pictures and story are amazing and has a great message for all. And the book tells you what types of materials it is made from and why they are good.

Circle is part of a Trilogy of books. And this one was our favorite. The friends are playing hide and seek. There is one rule and it is not followed. It is fun to see how you can over come fear and then look at what you thought was scare as something diffferent.

Here are the links to the other books Triangle and Square.

I Hate My Cats (A Love Story) is a great story about cats and the things they do. I love all the crazy things cats did in the book. We love cats at our house and really enjoyed reading this one.

The Way Home in the Night is about the sights, sounds and smells you might have a night. I love the small rabbits thoughts about what those people might be doing. I love that the last part of the book is about sleeping at night.

I Just Like You is a book about liking someone for just who they are. That includes all the things that are different. That might be hair color, clothes, how you talk and so much more. It is fun for kids to explore that you can like someone without having to be the same.

May Book Finds -

Check out these books from the last few months:

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