October 2015 Book Finds

October was a huge month for our book finds! We had so much fun looking and reading the books. It is always fun to find a new book and read it with kids. We are always looking at the bookstore and the library. I find that having hands on looking at books is great for kids to have.

This month has mostly books that we bought. There are a few from the library but mostly ones that we added to our home library. Yes, I buy books every month for my girls to have.

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The Fun Book of Scary Stuff is a great book about being scared and what is funny about some of it. I love the flow and pictures in the book. This was a great library find for us!

Friendshape is a great book about friends. I like how it shows all the different ways that friends interact with each other. The shapes work so well for the interaction. They have come up with creative ways to put them on every page.

Stick and Stone is a book about friendship. I love how the book shows stick and stone coming together and helping each other out.

Julia’s House for Lost Creatures is a book about Julia who moves into a new town and things are two quite. She makes a sign and along come the lost creatures. I love all the different creatures that come in. They make a huge mess and Julia makes another sign to help out. This was a good book about cleaning up and helping out for my girls.

Mind Your Monsters is good book about manners and how important they are. Please can go a long way to help people do things. I love the interaction between the monsters and the humans in the book. It is a fun book to read.

I Thought This Was a Bear Book is a twist on the story for the Goldie Locks and 3 Bears. I love the changes and how much fun it is to talk about getting back to the right book. I like how many twist are in the book and how the bears just want to pick berries.

Float is a wordless book. The front shows you how to fold a paper boat. You can follow the boy as he takes his boat out in the rain. I love books like this because we can talk about the pictures and come up with our own words and stories.

Not a Cloud in the Sky is a wonderful book about how a cloud can look like lots of things. A bird flies by and says hello to a cloud and the cloud says he is not a cloud and to guess what it is. We liked how you can see the cloud change slowly from one thing to the next. It is fun to read and look at the clouds.

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete and Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues are the newest Pete the Cat books. WE just love Pete the Cat at our house. My girls look forward each book that comes out.

October Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

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  1. Becky says:

    We found Float at the library last month and loved it too!

  2. Emma says:

    I love that you buy new books every month. You most have quite a collection by now!

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