Pet Store Learning

Pet Store Learning

I wanted to highlight a few of the mini trips that we take every now and then. Today starts with a trip to the Pet Store. We make this into a learning time. Each of them looks through the various animals.

First stop is always the fish tanks. It does not matter what store we are in they go their first.

Pet Store Learning

We talk about the colors of the animals they see and the different types they see. We also talk about the differences they see in the store. Are the animals all the same? What is similar and different.

The reptiles and amphibians are always a fun stop for them. We look at how different each ones eats. We see the different foods in each container. We look at which ones have more water in their cages and which ones done.

Pet Store Learning

The birds are always fun to look at. We compare the sizes and locations of where the birds can be found in the wild. We talk about how many colors are on one of the birds. We count the birds that are the same. We compare the different sizes. We try and pick out which is the biggest and smallest.

Pet Store Learning

One fun thing we saw this trip was a frog sticking to the glass. After we got home we looked up on the web why frogs can stick to the glass. It was great fun and everyone learned something.

Pet Store Learning

Before leaving the store the girls each pick out a pamphlet about a different pet. In those we learn about the pet and their care. We have a pet in our home our cat Setesh. We know how to care for him. The pamphlets let us learn about other pets and their care. We look at the level of care needed, age they can live to be, where they are found. We read in detail about each one and talk about if we have the space and requirements for the pet. No we wont be adding any other pets to our house but they can learn about other pets. Each is excited about learning about the pets. We keep the pamphlets around and compare to others we have picked up. We also look if they thought about how they would care for the pet and if they can meet the level of experience they would need.

Pet Store Learning

Do you do mini field trips?

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  1. Momofthree says:

    What a great idea! This also encourages them to be very aware of their surroundings and how there are things to learn and see no matter where you are.

  2. Sounds like they had a great time, Cassie! Sometimes my husband takes the kids one-on-one to a local pet store. It’s got quite a variety, including giant tortoises! Thanks for linking up at the After School linky!

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