September 2016 Book Finds

Every month we love to look for picture books. Yes, even my 11-year-old looks and reads picture books. There are so many different levels of books kids can read. This month my girls each picked one book they liked, and I picked out three that I liked. A lot of these came from our library trips. We really do enjoy just sitting down and reading!

There are so many books you can find out there! Just take the time to look and see what books you might like to read with your kids.

September 2016 Book Finds: farm, ocean, wordless books, cats, space, boats -

Below are all the books. They have links to Amazon so you can see more details and a lot of them have previews of the books. Plus any purchaces you make help support the site.

As Time Went By is a cute book about a boat and the people that live in it through out different times. I love the pictures and seeing some of the ways you can use boats.

Spot, the Cat is a wordless book that I’m totally in love with! This is creative seek and find. The pictures are all black and white and wonderful to see. We really enjoyed looking for the cat throughout the whole book!

Chicken in Space is a great book about a chicken that dreams big and makes it happens. Plus she takes a pig along with her! I love how creative the story is and how a simple baseball become an asteroid. It is fun to read and see what happens next.

Fish would be another great wordless style book but has the word fish and lots of other letters to see as well. We enjoyed looking through the book. Plus see what they used with the fish they caught

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles is a fun book about a guy that has the job of opening bottles found in the ocean and making sure their messages are delivered. He wishes that one of them was for him. I love the story and how it goes. I really like the ending!

Old MacDonald Had a Truck is a story about construction vehicles on a farm! We LOVED this book and had tons of fun reading and then singing it! Perfect for thoes kids that love those big construction vehicles!

You could also check out some of the books you can read about the Grand Canyon I posted this month as well!

September Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

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