30+ St Patrick’s Day Printables & Activities

St. Patricks Day is a fun time. I thought I would round up the activities and printables on the site. There are so many themes that work for St. Patrick’s Day. You have leprechauns, rainbows, clovers and more.

You are going to find a mix of ages and levels for the activities. We had tons of fun with all of them.

30+ St Patrick's Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs: themed packs, writing, math, sensory bins, hands-on activities and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

St Patricks Day Printables

There are several different types of printables on the site. You have some themed packs, reading, writing, simple math and more. Each of these is great for different ages.

Plus there are more printables being added each year.

20+ St Patrick's Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - 3Dinosaurs.com

Themed Packs
The Free St. Patricks Day Pack goes with the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! by Lucille Colandro. This pack has a printables for ages 2 to 8. This is great for younger kids.

St Patrick’s Day learning Pack has 50 pages and is made for kids 5 to 10. This has 1st to 3rd grade great math and language activities.

St Patrick’s Day Mini Unit on Free Homeschool Deals.

Reading, Writing, & ABCs
St Patrick’s Day ABC Letter Find are fun ways to work on your uppercase and lowercase letters.

Fun St Patrick’s Day ABC Easy Reader Book is a simple easy reader book for kids to work on their ABCs.

St Patrick’s Day ABC Pot of Gold Matching With Tracing is uppercase and lowercase matching with a two options of recording sheets.

Romping & Roaring R Pack is a pack about R is for Rainbow. This is great for letter R or just doing a rainbow theme.

Free St. Patrick’s Day Writing paper is great for your seasonal writing. There are two different types of lines for kids to use.

Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day Bookmarks for kids to have.

Clover ABC Pack at FreeHomeschoolDeals.com.

Fun St Patrick’s Day ABC Tracing Strips at FreeHomeschoolDeals.com.

Numbers & Math

St Patrick’s Day No-Prep Math: Addition & Subtraction or Multiplication & Division is 30 pages of fun no-prep printables that kids can use to learn with. It comes in Addition & Subtraction or Multiplicatio or Division.

Leprechaun Themed Number Color and Trace is a great way to count the coins the leprechaun has.

St Patrick’s Day Ten Frame Cards are a great way to work on numbers 1 to 10 or grab the full set that works on numbers 1 to 20.

St Patrick’s Day Coin Counting Printable is a fun math activity for kids to do.

Hands-On St Patrick’s Day Counting Mats: 1 to 10 are great playdough mats that have counting with ten frames. They are loads of fun to use.

St Patrick’s Day Skip Counting Puzzles are a great way to work on skip counting by 5’s.

Horseshoe Number Counting Book For Kids is an easy reader book that works on numbers 0 to 10.

Other Printables
The St Patrick’s Day Calendar Printable is great for learning numbers and there is type types.

Pick and Draw Leprechaun – fun twist on a fun game.

St Patrick’s Day Dot Markers Printables are fun for kids to do some hands on activities.

St. Patrick’s Day Roll & Trace Prewriting is a fun prewriting activity for kids to do with two line types.

Other printables for St. Patrick’s Day for other sites that I like:

St Patrick’s Day & Rainbow Crafts and Activities

There are various crafts and activities that we have done for St. Patricks Day. You are going to find sensory bins, water colors, painting, gross motor and hands-on crafts.

There are so many fun options that you can do for St. Patricks Day.

20+ St Patrick's Day Printables & Activities on 3 Dinosaurs - 3Dinosaurs.com

Sensory Bins
A fun St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin. Hands on counting and learning right and left hand.

Easy St Patrick’s Day Rice Sensory Bin is a fun sensory bin. It is super easy to put together.

Easy To Make St Patricks Day Water Bead Sensory Bin is loads of fun searching for gold.

Arts and Crafts
Simple to make Hand Print Clover with a matching book for it Hooray for St. Patrick’s Day! (Lift-the-Flap, Puffin).

Easy to do Q-Tip Clover Tracing – St Patrick’s Day – fun painting and fine motor activity.

St Patrick’s Day Crafts – two fun and easy crafts to do for yonger kids.

Clover Watercolor Painting – this is an easy activity with a cookie cutter.

Yarn Clover – fun yarn craft for kids to do. Plus you get a nice sensory activity while making it.

Clover Sorting by Size & Color – easy to set up hands on learning activity with fine motor for tot and preschool age.

Hand Print Rainbow – painting with hands fun and easy!

Tissue Paper Rainbow is a perfect way to cheer up any window in spring.

Fun Fine Motor Craft: Washi Tape Rainbow Wreaths is a fun rainbow activity that kids can do. Plus it is great for fine motor.

Watercolor Rainbow Process Art is a fun activity to make rainbows with watercolors.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Rainbow is a fun fine motor craft for kids to make.

Gross Motor
St. Patrick’s Day Themed Gross Motor that goes with the book: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover! by Lucille Colandro.

Other activities for St. Patrick’s Day:


Check out all the ideas on my St. Patrick’s Day pinterest board:
ABC Creative Learning -30 Magical St. Patrick’s Day Books to Read to Your Kids

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