Summer Printables Round Up!

Looking for learning printable for the summer? Here is a great list of all the summer themed printables on 3 Dinosaurs. You will find reading charts, Summer Learning Programs, printable packs and more.

Today is the first day of Summer! It is an exciting start. We always try and do some kind of party for it. I’m hoping that our party today is just as much fun as it can be. I wanted to point out some great printables on the site. I often forget that there is so much available.

Baseball Printables and Activities Bug Themed Printables and Activities
Beach & Ocean Themed Printables and Activities Beach & Ocean Themed Printables and Activities
4th of July and American Revolution Printables & Activities 20+ Space Themed Activities and Printables Zoo Themed Activities and Printables

There are a lot of fun things you can do during the summer. Here are some of the printables that are great for summer!

Summer Learning Programs

I can’t talk about summer printables without sharing the summer learning program. Each of these is designed to work on different levels and skills with an easy no-prep summer program. There are 3 programs and each one is different with different levels. You work on the grade you just finished.

Swing Into Summer Learning has 7 levels 6 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade. The themes are Zoo, Superhero. Explorer, Bugs and Monster.
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 1 Zoo
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 2 Superhero
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 3 Explorer
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 4 Bugs
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 5 Monsters

Build up Summer learning has 6 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. It themes are Pirate, Pond, Robot, Farm, and Camping.
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 1 Pirate
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 2 Pond
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 3 Robots
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 4 Farm
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 5 Camping

Jump Into Sumemr Learning can be used with this years program. It has 4 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder and First Grade. It themes are Space, Ocean, Beach, Dinosaur and Pioneer.
Jump Into Summer Learning: Space Week 1
Jump Into Summer Learning: Ocean Week 2
Jump Into Summer Learning: Beach Week 3
Jump Into Summer Learning: Dinosaur Week 4
Jump Into Summer Learning: Pioneer Week 5

Printable Packs

Here are the Printable Packs that are great for the summer. These are all packs that might make your summer more fun! Each of them have a range of activities and vary from one to the other. They all have book recommendations to go with each one.

The Free Summer Pack has lots of summer themes. It is full of bubbles and fun!

The BBQ Pack is great for all the summer BBQ activities your will be doing. You will find lots of food and fun activities.

The Beach Pack is one of my favorite packs. It goes with the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell!. Plus many other beach themes as well!

Ocean Themed Packs
The House for Hermit Crab Pack was made to go with the book A House for Hermit Crab (The World of Eric Carle). Plus many other hermit crab themes.

The Ocean Pack and the Ocean Pack Update has always been a favorite at our house!

The Mini Shark Pack was a fun addition last year. It was great for Shark Week!

Zoo Themes
The Zoo Pack and the Zoo Pack Update are some of our favorite summer packs! It is also a great summer theme and something to take with you on the trips to the zoo!

4th of July
The Four of July pack is great for Independence Day and also for other US Themed Holidays because of the US themes in the pack.

The Baseball Pack is a great theme for the summer! There is the original Pack and the Update.

The Bug Pack and Bug Pack Update are great for summer. These printables include the butterfly life cycle. They were made to go with the books: I Love Bugs! by Philemon Sturges and Shari Halpern, I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd , and Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner.

Blank Bucket Lists

A great way to have fun during the summer is with a bucket list! Here are some blank ones for your kids to write or draw in what they want to do.

Summer Bucket List Summer Bucket List: Top Ten

Reading Charts

Reading Charts are a great way to keep track your reading during the summer. I have several types of charts. There is Summer, Princess, Knight, Ocean, Dinosaur, and more. Lots of ways to keep track of your reading.

Summer Reading Charts Girl Reading Charts Boy Reading Charts

Check out the Weekly Reading Charts. There come in minutes and tally markers.

Weekly Reading Charts


These are the Calendar sets Made for Summer.

Enjoy your summer!

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    Thank you very much for this great source of materials. My 2,5 little one have a lot of fun to work with it.

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