The Discovery Museums Trip Review

The Discovery MuseumsName: The Discovery Museums
Location: Acton, Massachusetts
Length of stay: 2 hours

The Discovery Museums has two parts: The Science Discovery Museum and the Children’s Discovery Museum. Each is geared towards different ages. The Science Discovery is more science math and learning. The Children’s Discovery Museum is about exploring and playing with the environment.

Science Discovery Museum

They made some crafts with the random and odd things provided in the inventor’s workshop. The girls liked that there were different things to use than we normally have at home.

Inventor’s Workshop

On the main floor they played with sand art, made a water tornado, watched rising mist, read dinosaur information and more. Every section has books relevant to the exhibits.

Main Floor Science Discovery MuseumMain Floor Science Discovery Museum

The Harmonograph drawings are fun to make. You wait in line and then everyone gets a turn to make a unique harmonograph. You move the table in any direction you want while keeping the marker shadow on the paper. They drop the marker down when you say to and life it when you want it to stop. This time we made a harmonograph drawing with four colors. All four of us got to move the table on one sheet of paper. We also saw a two color demonstration.

Train Room
harmonograph drawings
harmonograph drawings

The next floor up has the light room full of mirrors and color lenses. In the shadow room everyone got to line up on the wall and make shadows or draw with lights.

Light Room

The music and sound lab was fun to play in. They got to see mixing equipment and make recordings. They played with various instruments around the room. In one spot they could make music by just waving their hands around in the air.

Music and Sound Lab

The girls learned about water pressure. They created different pathways for water to flow and watched bubbles rise in a big tube.


The girls created lots of different patterns  on the board here. The bicycle wheels have magnets to power some lights.


We did not see or do everything this trip.

Children’s Discovery Museum
The train room has train tracks you can put together, a place to sell tickets, dress up clothes and a train you can get it and pretend to drive.

Train Room

The ball room has two big tracks and many smaller ball tracks that you can try. Climb up and put the big balls in and watch them go around the room.

Children's Discovery Museum Ball Room

The girls put on water smocks and played in the water. They fished for fish and ducks. They made a tube of bubbles around themselves. Off to the side Mary drew on a big chalk board.

Children's Discovery Museum Water Room

The sensory exploration room is a great room to explore sounds and textures.

Children's Discovery Museum sensory Exploration Room

The safari room has stuffed animals, figure animals, dress up and a small area to explore and play in.

Children's Discovery Museum Safari Room

The color room has a fun slide with stairs that light up when you step on them, a rainbow color puzzle on the wall and color books to look at.

Children's Discovery Museum Color Room

The diner is a great area. There are tables to sit at and a play kitchen to cook lots of different types of food. There is a stove that can turn off and on.

Children's Discovery Museum Dinner Room

The ocean room at the top of the building has lots of ocean toys to play with. You can pull up lobsters, raise the flags, and play with the steering wheel.

Children's Discovery Museum Ocean Room

Outside is the shipwreck.

Children's Discovery Museum Ocean Room

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  1. Pinkoddy says:

    That looks a really great place to visit with so much to do. Wonderful photos.

  2. Marcia says:

    Awesome field trip!

  3. That looks likes a fabulous place to visit and being a complete science geek is totally up my street. Unfortunately a bit of a journey for us! Thanks for sharing in Family Frolics. 🙂

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