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3 Dinosaurs
3 Dinosaurs
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Romping & Roaring 4 Pack

Please print off as many or as few as you would like as many times as you would like. If you find any errors or typos please let me know. Download is below.

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Graphics from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles.

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Romping & Roaring 4 Pack

Romping & Roaring 4 Pack contains 40 pages:

  • Color the Number
  • Find the Number
  • Trace - Color - Count
  • Color by Number
  • Color by Letter Number Word
  • Color the Whale in 10 frames
  • 10 Frames Playdough Mat
  • Number Word Playdough Mat
  • Number Playdough Mat
  • Number & Word Tracing
  • Number & Tracing with guides & directions
  • Number & Tracing with guides
  • Number Writing Practice with Stop & Start
  • Number Writing Practice with guides
  • Number Word Writing Practice with guides
  • Dot the Number
  • Dot the Number Word
  • Find the Number
  • Color the Number & Word by color
  • Color by Size Number
  • Color the Number
  • Shape Tracing with Solid Line
  • Shape Tracing with Dashed Line
  • Follow the Number Path
  • Follow the Number Word Path
  • Color the Number with color words
  • Number Counting Book
  • Sorting Number & Number Word
  • Number Spinner
  • Number Dice
  • Roll & Count Numbers
  • Roll & Count Tiles
  • Number Matching Cards
  • 2 Piece Puzzles
  • 9 Piece Puzzle
Click on the files below to download your copy of the Romping & Roaring 4 Pack.
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You can get the full set for $25.00 at the links below.

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Romping & Roaring Number Packs

Romping & Roaring Number Packs contains 1455 pages:

33 Romping & Roaring Number Packs. There are packs for numbers 1 through 20. With dual themes for 5, 10, 15 & 20. There is also review packs every 4 numbers. Plus 11 fun extras.

Number Pack Themes:
1 – Ocean
2 – Forest Animals
3 – Pond
4 – Kids Clothes
5 – Knights or Princess
6 – Nature
7 – Dragon
8 – Dinosaur
9 – Little Red Hen
10 – Superhero or Fairies
11 – Crayons
12 – Pets
13 – Shapes
14 – Road Signs
15 – Tools or Cooking
16 – Zoo Theme
17 – Bugs
18 – Fruit
19 – Veggie
20 – Pirate or Mermaids

Each number pack has 39 pages. Here is all the pages you will find for each number
Color the Number, Find the Number, Trace – Color – Count, Color by Number, Color by Letter Number Word, Color the Whale in 10 frames, 10 Frames Playdough Mat, Number Word Playdough Mat, Number Playdough Mat, Number & Word Tracing, Number & Tracing with guides & directions, Number & Tracing with guides, Number Writing Practice with Stop & Start, Number Writing Practice with guides, Number Word Writing Practice with guides, Dot the Number, Dot the Number Word, Find the Number, Color the Number & Word by color, Color by Size Number, Color the Number, Shape Tracing with Solid Line, Shape Tracing with Dashed Line, Follow the Number Path, Follow the Number Word Path, Color the Number with color words, Number Counting Book, Sorting Number & Number Word, Number Spinner, Number Dice, Roll & Count Numbers, Roll & Count Tiles, Number Matching Cards, 2 Piece Puzzles, 9 Piece Puzzle

Romping & Roaring Number Review Packs have 35 pages in them. They have review for every 4 numbers. It has the following pages:
Number Review Sheets, Number Matching with Tracing Word & Number, Number Matching Word & Number, Number Matching with number and pictures, Number Matching Tally Marker, Number Word Matching Tally Markers, Number Matching Fingers, Number Word Matching with Fingers, Missing Number Cut & Paste, What Number is Missing?, Number Matching Cute & Paste, Number Drawing, Dot The Numbers, Color the Numbers, Count & Color , Count & Color the Pictures, Count and Circle ( or Clip & Count Cards), Number Tracing, Number Word Tracing, Number Roll & Count, Number Clip Card with Fingers, Number Clip Cards with Tally Markers, Number Clip Cards with Pictures, Matching Cards, Roll & Cover with Die

There are 11 extras to go along with the packs.
Table of Contents, Number chart (for keeping track of what you have learned), Number Cube Cards, Number 3 Part Cards, Number Book 1 to 20, Color by Number & Number Word, Number Floor Mats, Number Read Write & Stamp, Wall Cards, Number Money, and Romping & Roaring Zero Pack.

You can get the full set for $25.00 at the links below.

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