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3 Dinosaurs
3 Dinosaurs
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Winter Pack

This pack was made to go with the following book There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!.

Please print off as many or as few as you would like as many times as you would like. If you find any errors or typos please let me know. Download is below.

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Winter Pack

Winter Pack contains 230 pages:

(Part 1a) Winter Themed 3 Part Cards, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next?, PRewriting Practice, Winter ABC Pattern Cards, Matching Cards

(Part 1b) Winter 4 Piece Puzzles, 10 Piece Puzzles( 1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21-30, 31-40) 10 Piece Addition Puzzles (1 to 10 addition & 11 to 20 addition), 10 Piece Subtraction Puzzles (1 to 10) Count & Clip Cards 0 to 20

(Part 2) Beginning Sound Clip Cards or Worksheet, Winter Pocket Chart Cards, Winter Beginning Sounds Tracing Strips, Winter Word Tracing Strips, Winter Word Writing Strips, Size Sequencing Snowflakes and Penguins, Size Sorting Snowmen, Cutter Practice, Color Sorting Red Blue & Pink Purple, Wear on your Hands or Head Sorting, Winter Counting Mat, Winter Addition Mat, Winter Subtraction Mat, Winter Greater Than/ Less Than Mat

(Part 3) Roll & Count Clothes (1 to 5 and 1 to 10), Mixed up Winter Words, Winter Word Matching (Trace the word), Winter Picture Matching, Find the Same, Mittens Color by Size, Snowman Color by Size, Snowflake color by Size, ABC Snowflake Matching, Number 1 to 10 Matching, Matching Color Snowflakes, Count and writing, Find the Letter Ss, Find the Letter Bb, Fill in the Missing ABCs, Fill in the Numbers 1 to 30, Color the Snowflakes by Subtraction, Snowflake Color by Addition, Fill in the Missing Numbers, Math Matching Addition, Math Matching Subtraction, Will in the Missing numbers 100 Chart, Fill in the Missing Numbers, Winter CVC Chart Color the Pictures as You Read the Story, Snowman Color by Number, Winter Clothes color by Number, Winter Counting Easy Reader Book

(part 4) Color the Letter & Tace the Sentences (S,G, M, B, P, S) Winter Writing with Pictures: snowflake, gloves, snowman, mittens, boots, penguin, polar bear, snowbird) Writing snow, pipe, coal, hat, stick, scarf, snowman, coat, gloves, mittens, boots, sweater, earmuffs, ice skates, sled, snowflake, snow plow, icicles, skis, snow angel, seal, Draw A Picture & Write a Sentences, Negative Why Questions

(Part 5) Color the Patterns Snowflake & Snowman, Draw in the Missing Pattern, Fill in the Missing Pattern, Read Write the Room Numbers, Small Folding Book with Story Elements, Small Folding Book Winter Clothes, Letter Tile Winter Words Filled out & Blank, Color the Current Answer Winter Clothes Questions, Pictures to Help tell the story

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Winter Tot Pack

Winter Tot Pack contains 71 pages:
Winter Prewriting Thick Lines, Cutting practice, Number Cards 1 to 10, Winter 2 Piece Puzzles, Snowman Shape Book, Color the Snowflake Small Book, Color the Snowman Small Book, Color the Polar Bear Small Book, Winter Matching Single Page, Matching Cards, 9 Piece Puzzles, Roll & Count Winter Clothes 1 to 5, Shape Tracing, Dot & Trace Letters B, C, E, G, I, M, P, S, H, Letter S Sorting Uppercase & Lowercase, Lacing Cards, Trace & Color Letters Mm, Hh, Pp, Ss, Cc, Winter Counting Book 1 to 10

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Royal Baloo Snowman Pack

Royal Baloo Snowman Pack contains 40 pages:
Tot Pack: Coloring page, Dot Marker pages, snowman by color, prewriting, matching, and puzzles.
PreK: 3-part cards, matching, colors, maze, size sorting, patterning, puzzles, dot markers, fine the same, counting, shadow matching, ABC mats, ABC puzzles, lacing cards, shapes, and color-by-number.
K/1st: SuDoKu, Graphing, word problems, time, add and clip cards, subtract and clip cards, write the room, word search, color-by-addition, color-by-subtraction, beginning sounds, writing, matching, fill in the missing numbers, counting backwards, addition and subtraction mats, count to 10, sorting by addition and subtraction, skip counting by 10, number lines, following directions, color by fraction, even and odd sort, measuring, skip counting, and more!

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