Adding Roses – Hands on Learning

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

The other day you saw the counting activity my youngest did with roses. Here is another way to do that activity with addition using roses. I have three girls with different learning styles. They really do learn some types of activities with hands on learning. So I changed the counting to adding with roses for my middle girl. This activity still goes with There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!.

What you need: Numbers 1 to 5 (we used foam heart shapes), addition cards, fake roses, and a vase.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

Amelia would look at the addition flash cards and sort the roses to the sides of the card.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

Then she would put the flowers in the vase.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

She repeated this activity several times. Each time I would make sure she would say two plus three equals five.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

When we finished with the addition we did some sorting by the answers. I gave her the foam valentines on the floor with numbers on them and gave her the cards mixed up.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

While she sorted we went over the ideas again that 2 plus 3 equals 5 or that one plus two equals three. This was a fun way to reinforce the Math Fact Families with her.

Adding Roses - Hands on Learning -

These are fun and simple ideas to do hands on math! What hands on math have you been doing?

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