Chapter Books We are Reading Fall 2014

During the summer we started doing some exploring some new chapter books and we have kept with it for the last little while. I thought I would share the books are exploring now. As kids get older they need bigger books to read. We have been looking for fun new chapter books for my oldest to read. I thought it would be fun to share a few of these.

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We have been reading chapter books since my girls were little. Things change over time. We did read the Magic Tree House series and my girls like it. Now we are exploring new things. Don’t be afraid to go to a store and ask about a book. You never know my child might just love the series.

Princess Rescue

This is a good series for those that has girls that like princesses and animals. Each of the books had an animal in trouble that one of the girls must save. It is a book that has girls that want to be more than a princess. This is a fun way to encourage reading with two very fun themes. The text is big again and limited pictures through the books. They are consider 3rd grade reading by scholastic.

Bad Kitty

This series is a great one for those that are looking for humor in reading. It has some fun facts and information while you are reading the book. There are pages with text and some that have a comic book style reading. It is fun to see what bad kitty does and is sure to give you a laugh while you read the book.

Notebook of Doom

We have just loved this Notebook of Doom Series. A boy moves to a new town and finds a notebook with all kinds of monsters in it. He finds out that they are real. These books are full of humor and fun. There are pictures on almost every page and the text is bigger to draw in those that might not like to see lots of text on every page.

Equestria Girls

This is the human style My little Pony. It is a lot of fun to read and interact with. The names and people are all the same from the Pony World. It is fun to see how things work out. The first story is with Twilight Sparkle going to that world to get her crown back. Each story builds on from there. If your child liked the my little Pony Chapter books they will like these.

Saurus Street

It should be no surprise that dinosaur books do well at our house. In this series one street makes is possible for dinosaurs to come out! These books have been fun to read. Just wishing for a dinosaur could make it come! This series is load of fun to read. There are great pictures and some of the words have fancy text to highlight words. This would be a great set of books for a dinosaur lover. Plus this is fun and has lots of humor in it.

Which of these series will you be checking out?

If you are not sure if your child will read it or not try reading a chapter out loud to them or taking turns and see if they don’t want to have the book afterwards! I have found that one chapter will peak their interest more than just handing them the book. Find books that they like and look for similar books. You never know what will happen.

Check out these other Chapter books we have been exploring:

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8 Responses to Chapter Books We are Reading Fall 2014

  1. Rebecca says:

    You’ve chosen some fantastic series here! I think the Rescue Princess series (and its sister series about mermaids) are a better option for new readers than Rainbow Fairies, which is a little high on vocal and low on quality of the story. Debby Dadey is a good, solid writer. And Notebooks of Doom is super popular at my kids’ school library! Sharing your list!

    • Cassie says:

      I did not like the Rainbow Fairies. Nor did my daughter. It is nice to know the mermaid series is a sister series. I’ll add that to her Christmas list!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oops, p.s. found you on Share It Saturday!

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