Color Mixing Painting – Mouse Paint

Color mixing is always a lot of fun for kids to do. This is fun to explore the different shades of colors that kids can make. Every color mix is different . That means that outcome of the mix is always different and fun to explore

For this months virtual books club we picked the book Mouse Paint. My youngest is very much into painting right now. She would paint all day if I let her. She loves all the different variety of painting there are to try.

Color Mixing Painting - Mouse Paint -

We did some easy set up for this activity. I wanted it to be something she could do as much of by herself and see how she would explore the mixing of the paints. It would be something she could explore and express in her own way.

What you need for this activity: messy tray, paints, paint brush and paper.

Color Mixing Painting - Mouse Paint -

The first things she did was put three sections of paint: red, yellow and blue. She said she wanted to mixed them on the paper. She did several different attempts at mixing the colors on from the three sets of paints. She liked the yellow and the red mixed together to make orange.

Color Mixing Painting - Mouse Paint -

Next she wanted to cover the paper in dot so that she could do lots of mixing of paint. There were various sizing of painting that she did. She liked having different parts to mix and even mixed all three colors together at times. She also did some finger print walking like the mice did on the pages.

Color Mixing Painting - Mouse Paint -

Here is a look at her two projects.

Color Mixing Painting - Mouse Paint -

What I like best about this activity was that she picked the book and what she wanted to do. She led the project from start to finish. I just helped her by providing what she ask for.

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I hope that you enjoy these activities!

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11 Responses to Color Mixing Painting – Mouse Paint

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  3. The former-art teacher in me LOVES this! Such a fun book for littles. 🙂

    • Cassie says:

      It is a great book. She had so much fun with this project. I love that I let HER decide how we would do it. Kids can be so creative when we give them the right tools.

  4. Very fun. This is one of my favorite picture books.

  5. My kids love to paint and mix colors. And, Mouse Paint is such a fun book!

  6. Natasha says:

    My girls love painting and mixing the paint seems to be a favorite among them. I love how she led the whole session. I love seeing what kids will come up with, want, try. They always seem to amaze me.

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