Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor-

For the Virutal Book Club For Kids we read The Cow Who Clucked. I found this books to be a long to fun. You can explore the sounds that each animal makes. It is fun to pause for the kids to say “Cluck, Cluck” for the cow. For this activity, since we are doing the 30 Days of Moving with Kids Challenge, I thought it would be fun to do a book gross motor activity. These are always fun and we enjoy them.


What you need: the book and room to move.

There are several different animals in the book. We did a gross motor for each of them. Plus as we did the gross motor we made their sound.

The book starts with the rooster and we flapped our wings for the rooster.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Rooster -

First is crawling on the floor for the cow, dog, cat, and goat. Each one had a slightly different part to it but we had fun doing it.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: cow, dog, cat, and goat -

We buzzed around the room like a bee.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Buzzing Bee -

We got on the floor and swam like a fish.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Fish -

We squatted down and waddle like a duck.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Duck -

We moved quickly around the room like a scampering mouse.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Mouse -

We crawled on our stomach like a snake.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Snake -

We did pretend climbing up a tree like a squirrel.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Squirrel -

We flapped our arms up and down like an owl.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Owl -

We pecked the floor like a hen.

Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor: Hen -

This was so much fun to do the animal movements while exploring the book. We read the book several times, just so they could do the movements again. It was a fun way to explore the book.

Here are some books by Denise Fleming:

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8 Responses to Cow Who Clucked Gross Motor

  1. So much fun. This would be fun to do indoors and outdoors.

  2. Tiffiny says:

    This looks like a blast! I’m going to see if I can find a copy of this book since my daughter has just started to work on her animal sounds.

  3. stephanie says:

    So much fun! Thanks for sharing at After School!

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