20+ Bear, Forest, and Woodland Animals Activities & Printables

There are so many fun activities with a forest theme for kids to do. They are great for many different seasons. You can study them in winter, the fall and spring.

I love that the woodland animals can be studied just about any time and you can enjoy it. We love having different themes we can learn with.

There are so many fun animals to learn with and enjoy. And now you can find all of mine in one place!

20+ Bear, Forest, and Woodland Animals Activities & Printables - a fun collection of bear, forest, and woodland animals for kids to learn. It includes math, abcs, numbers, gross motor counting and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

I have divided the activities up below with printables and other crafts and activities. You can see the printables in the sections below in themed packs, math, and number and learning to read and ABCs.

Woodland & Forest Themed Packs

No-Prep Forest Weekly Packs has 6 grades of learning with math and language. You have PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade.

Animals in Winter No-Prep Weekly Packs is a fun weekly pack set with animals in winter. You have six grade levels: PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade.

Woodland Pack Tot, Preschool, PreK & Kindergarten has over 30 pages of activities plus a tot pack that work on woodland animals prewriting, forest animal matching, 10 piece & 4 piece puzzles and more.

Bear Snores On Pack for Tot, Preschool, PreK has 30 pages of activities with bears and forest animals that has counting, puzzles, matching prewriting and more.

Animals in Winter Themed Packs has two different packs a Tot and Preschool pack that has 130 pages and a PreK and Kindergarten pack with over 145 pages of activities all with a focus on animals in winter.

Animals In Winter Activity Pack has a mix of animals in winter and footprint activities for kids to learn with. You will find prewriting, shapes, ABCs, and numbers. The printables all have a mix of clip cards, easy reader books, tracing strips, and no-prep pages.

Bird Pack has some fun bird and activities around birds. It has over 50 pages of activities.

Woodland Animals Math & Number printables

You will find a mix of printables for skip counting, numbers, graphing, and more.

Free Animals in Winter Counting Easy Reader Book - work on numbers 1 to 10 with this simple easy reader book - 3Dinosaurs.com

Romping & Roaring 2 Pack has a fun bear themed to it. You can count and learn about the number 2.

Winter Woodland Skip Counting Tracks has fun skip counting tracks for kids to use to work on number 1 to 12.

Animals in Winter Counting Easy Reader Book has numbers 1 to 10 for kids to focus on.

Animals in Winter Counting Mats has counting from 1 to 20 with four different types of mats.

Animals in Winter Number Find has number digit and number work for finding numbers with a winter footprint theme.

Easy to Use Forest Animals Graphing has several options you can use. There is graphing, tracing numbers, tracing ABCs and tracing shapes. It makes it easy to use with different levels of learning.

Bear Themed Dot Marker Number & Counting has numbers 1 to 20 with color and black & white options. The color comes in two options all brown or a mix of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Bear Themed Addition, & Subtraction Clip Cards is a fun clip card set that has a numberline for helping those kids that need it.

Forest & Woodland Learning to Read & ABCs

You are going to find fun activities with learning to read and other fun things.

Forest Themed Sight Word Activities - Puzzles, cards, tracing strips, writing strips and find - using the Dolch Sight Word lists - These are a great way to work on spelling, writing, reading and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

Forest Themed Sight Word Activities has four fun sight word activities with puzzles, cards, tracing strips and word finds. All these activities are great for working on all 220 Dolch Sight Words.

Animals in Winter ABC Letter Find is a great uppercase and lowercase ABC find activity for kids.

Winter Fox Vowel Team & Diphthong Matching had a fun matching game for kids to do with diphthong words

Check out these other forest, woodland and bear activities:

Woodland & Forest Activities

You are going to find gross motor, sensory bins and crafts that kids can do with woodland animals.

Animals in Winter Sensory Bin - a fun sensory bin to explore animals tracks and the animals awake in winter. - 3Dinosaurs.com

Wildlife Sorting: Diurnal, Nocturnal & Crepuscular is a great book and hands-on learning activity for kids to do.

Forest & Woodland Books has some of our favorite forest and woodland books to read.

Animals in Winter Sensory Bin has some fun sensory play with woodland animals.

Teddy Bear Number Button Matching is a hands-on number matching game that kids can play.

Fun To Use Bear Walk Gross Motor Dice has bear walking activities that you can use. There is a fun dice you can use as well.

Measuring Teddy Bears – Where’s my Teddy? is an activity to learn about different sizes and measuring.

5 Bear Walking Activities for Kids has 5 fun bear walking ideas that don’t require any extra stuff to do.

Another fun gross motor activities is with the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Gross Motor Ideas. You can get kids moving while reading the book.

Christmas Gross Motor With Bear Stays Up is a fun gross motor activity you can do with another fun bear book!

Yarn Acorn is a fun craft with a squirrel theme book to read.

Gray Squirrel is a great painting craft where kids mix colors to make gray.

Check out these other forest animal activities:

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