Free Romping & Roaring B Pack: B is for Butterfly

The Free Letter B pack is a part of the Romping & Roaring ABCs. This Romping & Roaring pack has B is for butterfly theme.

It works on learning the letter b with a mix of letter b printable worksheets and letter b hands-on activities. It has uppercase and lowercase letter activities together and with the letters separate.

This letter B pack is great for learning to write the letter B, find the letter B, prewriting practice for the letter B letter B mazes, letter B dot marker pages, and more.

Romping & Roaring B Pack; B is for Butterfly - with 47 pages of activities for kids to work on learning the letter B with puzzles, tracing, coloring, dot markers letters and more -

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

The Romping and Roaring Letter B Pack has 47 pages with a wide range of activities to help kids work on their ABCs. This pack has a theme of b is for butterfly. You will find the all the activities have butterflies in them.

You have loads of worksheets and hands-on activities all the focus on the letter b with butterfly themed. The packs are made to be flexible to the needs of kids learning letters. You can use just the pages that work for the level you are at.

This is part of the Romping & Roaring ABC Packs. It is a great way to work learning the letter with several different activities.

If you want to grab all the Rompaing & Roaring ABC Packs together you can get a copy of the full set plus extras at my store for $25. It is a huge time saver to buy the set to get all the letters at one time.

Things to use with the Free Romping & Roaring Letter B Pack Printable

I always have request for what items we used with the Romping & Roaring ABC Packs and this is an easy list for you to use and see what we used.

Graphics from KPMDoodles, Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles, and Scrapping Doodles.

Scrappin Doodles License.

Romping & Roaring B Pack contains 47 pages:

Coloring Page, B is for Butterfly Color and Trace, Color Or Dot the Bb Letters, Stamp Letters on the Butterfly, Decorate the Letter (or playdough mat), Prewriting Practice Lines, Prewriting Practice Working up to Letters With Start & Stop, Trace Letter Bb Practice with Start & Stop, Trace the Letter BB, Trace Letter Place, Trace the letter Bb with Arrows, Trace Letter with Lines, Color Uppercase & Lowercase, Color the Letters, Find the Letter B, Dot the Letter B Uppercase & Lowercase, Matching Letters on Page, Roll & Count, Dot the Letter Bb, Dot the Letter B and Butterfly, Dot Letter Bb Different Font, Butterfly themed Shape Tracing Solid Line, Butterfly themed Shape Tracing Dotted Line, Color Capitol Letter by Size, Color Lowercase Letter by Size, Color the Buttefly by Size, Uppercase Letter Maze, Lowercase Letter Maze, Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Maze, Color the Letter B and Image Book, Color the Letter Book, Trace and Draw Letter B Book, Sort Uppercase & Lowercase Letter B, Sort Butterflies by Size, Butterfly Lacing Card, 2 part Letter & Image Puzzles, 4 part Puzzles, and 9 part Puzzles.

Free Romping & Roaring B Pack - 47 pages of activities with writing, tracing, coloring, puzzles, dot marker letters and more -

Things we plan on using with the Romping & Roaring B pack:

Romping & Roaring ABC Packs

35 packs in all with 6 extras! These are a great mix of hands-on and no-prep activities for kids to work on learning and writing their ABCs. Each of the set is loads of fun with skills that help kids learn their ABCs.

There are 26 letter packs and 9 letter review packs that are in sets of 3 letters. Each set is designed to help kids learn and review their ABCs.

26 Romping & Roaring ABC Packs: These have a pack for each letter. They all work on the same skills so kids can be familiar with what they are doing. They also have extra sheets to build on skills.

You get all the packs for $25.

Romping & Roaring ABC Packs - with 26 ABC packs and 9 Review packs for the letters. With 40 pages for each letter  to have kids learn their ABCs with prewriting, coloring, puzzles, tracing and more -

What is in the Romping & Roaring ABC Packs

  • 26 letter packs with 47 pages of activities for each letter
  • 9 review packs with three letters in each review: ABC, DEF, GHI, JKL, MNO, PQR, STU, VWX, YZ with 39 pages for each review pack
  • Plus 8 fun extras only in the selling set – with progress shards, ABC money, paddle cards, single writing sheet, wall cards and more
  • 1,682 pages
  • Price: $25

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  1. Woohoo! A new letter for the kids to play with! Thanks Cassie!

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  4. Jill says:

    Another great pack. You really rocked this pack for everyone Cassie! Thank you for linking up this week to our Hearts for Home Blog Hop!

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  6. Heather says:

    I am so excited about this “B” pack! My three-year old son loved the “A” pack and we can’t wait to print these off! Thanks so much for helping us learn at home together!

  7. Jamie says:

    Wow! Just found your site thanks to Pinterest. These are GREAT!! Thanks!

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