Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts

We are headed into fall now and we are still working on reading as a big theme in our house. We are keeping track weekly right now to help encourage them to try and read more books each day. Reading is a very important part of learning for all ages.

I love to have fun seasonal printables to help with reading. After how much we had with the weekly summer reading charts, I had to make some fall-themed ones.

Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts -

The Weekly Reading chart with minutes has 3 slots for the day so you know the book and the minutes. This is great when you have daily goals of reading so many minutes. This allows for different books and the minutes it took.

Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts -

The Weekly Reading Chart for tally markers helps you keep tracks of the books you read that day and a spot to total them up at the end.

Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts -

What you are going to find in these printables:

  • 4 Weekly Reading Chart for books and minutes
  • 4 Weekly Reading Chart for tallying up the books for each day
  • 4 Themes: Books, Apples, Leaves, Pumpkins
Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts -

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6 Responses to Free Weekly Fall Reading Charts

  1. Pam says:

    Love the art on these! Very fun and motivating for the kids, plus I think they will look cute hanging on the fridge!

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  5. Tiffany says:

    I downloaded the Fall Readin Log – bookbag and it tells me the author has disabled printing 🙁

    • Cassie says:

      I just downloaded and checked the all the fall reading log pdfs. The print options was available for them all. You can’t edit the files, but you can print them. Are you printing from the web? Did you open it in Adobe Acrobat or another file system?

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