In 1776 and American Revolution Sensory Bin

History can be fun by adding a sensory bin play to it. You can talk about different parts of history while kids explore the different figures and items in the bin.

This a super easy to set up sensory bin for kids. I like to have simple things to explore different areas!

American Revolution Sensory Bin

We read the book In 1776 (Scholastic Bookshelf) by Jean Marzollo . It went over some of the basic information about the whole war from start to finish. We talked about who the people were and why they were important.

You can find some great books on the American Revolution here.

What is in the American Revolution Sensory Bin

American Revolution Sensory Bin

Ways we use the sensory bin

The girls have been excited about doing this since I got the items for the bin. They each took a side they wanted to be on and started to play.

American Revolution Sensory Bin

They acted out a few scenes from some of the books and movies that we have read over the past few days. Paul Revere made his famous ride and got caught.

American Revolution Sensory Bin

The girls enjoy playing so much that even after the beans were cleaned up from becoming cannonballs, they are still having them march around the room. After they complete one scene they are on to the next. The bin has been a great learning tool.

American Revolution Sensory Bin

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