Potty Training Helps and Printable Chart

Potty has been going on for a bit in our house. One of the first things to talk about is that everyone does things differently. Each of my girls have been completely different with potty training. I know people that do it in 3 days and all goes well. I tried that this last time and Mary was not interested at all. But I put a pull up on her and she would go on the potty. None of what happened made sense to me at all. With all this in mind, here are a few things I have used over the years to help potty training.

Potty Training Helps and Printable Chart

Wet vs Dry
We often ask a child if they are wet or dry. But do they know what wet and dry is? It is not concept we often review. I put the same color wash cloth out for them to touch and ask which is wet and which is dry. I review the feeling on their arms and legs of the wet wash cloth. This is something fun to review over time.

Wet vs Dry

Books by the Potty
When we are first getting use to the potty and just sitting on it for a while, we have books near by. They tend to change almost daily as what is there. I never expect her to keep the same ones around. We have two small potties in the house. I never know which she will be at. Do make sure whatever books are there are some they like. Maybe surprise them with a few new books for the bathroom.

Books by the Potty

I love setting a timer. It is a great reminder for them and me, that it is time to go potty. I use the microwave for this. It is easy to use and loud enough I can hear it. If that does not work a small timer is nice have around. Something they can take with them wherever they go. Plus they are easy to reset once the wait is over.

Sticker Charts
Sticker charts are always fun and easy to use, but not all children like them. I’ve learn that with my girls. Mary currently is off and on about sticker charts. One day she wants a sticker chart and other days she could care less. Since we were bouncing around so much I made her one that I could just write the date in and not worry about printing one off that started on Sunday or what ever day we were on.

Books by the Potty

Video and Books
I love using books to help the girls with learning. The potty is no different. There are many different types of book to use. You can always find different books at the library as well. I also have one video that I have used with each of the girls. You can see more information about this below.

Potty Power – For Boys & Girls is a great dvd that I have a love and hate relationship with. I love the introduction of Big Kid and Baby. It has helped each of my girls learn why they don’t need diapers. It is fun, simple and can be used for Boys or Girls. I hate that I have seen it so many times. I know the songs by heart which does help out when trying to get them to do something as simple as wash their hands. Since I got my copy of the original DVD two more have come out: Potty Power Princess and Potty Power Pirates. I would hope that they are just as good.

My Big Boy Potty and My Big Girl Potty are fun books that you can read through. It talks about how going potty is not always easy. It shows that it takes time and that accidents can happen. As you can see their are two version of the book. You get the version that you need. The book also shows shopping for underwear and making it special. I have used this with my girls. I am looking forward to this trip with my youngest.

I Want My Potty!: A Little Princess Story is a fun story about a princess that does not want to potty train. But everyone says the Potty is the place. She does learn to potty train but you learn that some times accidents still happen.

One final thought on potty training. If your child is not ready don’t force it. You know your child best and do what is best for them.

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7 Responses to Potty Training Helps and Printable Chart

  1. Nancy Hart says:

    My favorite is Potty Time by Two Little Hands productions. Singing, signing and a watch and chart worked wonders for a recalcitrant 3 year old boy.

  2. Nanette says:

    Now contemplating it with my 3rd little boy, have actually been contemplating it for a while even posted about it here: http://littleboybluetoddleschool.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/toilet-potty-training-ideas.html
    He just isn’t interested yet we have recently got the DVD Bear in The Big Blue House Potty Time to see if it helps and I get him to follow his brothers to the loo so he has an understanding of it. Just going to wait and see, it’s not like he will still be in nappies at 16 yrs old, right? lol

  3. Brittany says:

    This is a great resource, thank you! We tried potty training our 21 month old last month because she was showing all the readiness signs but we took a break about 3 weeks in because she was not physically ready I don’t think. I am going to bookmark this for when we try again in a few months.

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