Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin

So earlier this week the girls and I were searching around on Netflix and found out that we could watch Old Shark Weeks! We got very excited about it and watched a few of them. This lead to a talk about if we were having a shark sensory bin. It was something I had not thought about. I was asked if they could have water bead one again. Thus our fun activity was born!

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

What you need for this Shark Sensory Bin

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

We also read the book Sharks (Wonderful World of…). We also did some hands on activity with the shark figures and the book. Learning is always fun with you add hands on.

The first thing I did was leave the sensory bin out for a while for the water beads to grow. I left extra water in and put the sharks in. They sank into the water just a little bit. The girls loved looking through the side and seeing the sharks in different parts of the water.

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

They were so excited to dig right into the sharks! We knew most of the names of the sharks and those they did not know they read the bottom of the sharks to make sure they knew them. It was fun to explore the sizes in the bin.

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

We found the matching sharks and compared their sizes. It was fun to see how each model looked and what was different and same about them.

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

One part that we did was pull all the sharks out of the sensory bin and dried them off and started looking through the Sharks (Wonderful World of…). This was really fun and we have done this before. You read a shark and then find the shark figure and match it up! There are many different types of sharks and every page had a new shark to learn about or try to find. You could also find the same shark again. We would put them on the page and match them up. At the end after we learned some of the names we did the world map with the sharks.

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

One fun part we had was looking at the different colors of the water beads and their size! We used two colors this time.

Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin -

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15 Responses to Shark Water Bead Sensory Bin

  1. What a fun way to celebrate Shark Week!

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  5. Diane says:

    How many of the water beads do you need to fill a sensory table?

    • Cassie says:

      For what I had in my bin I used two packages but I don’t always use that many. It all depends on the size of the beads you gets. But most times I just use one package.

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