Space Sensory Bin

For World Space week we put together a Space sensory bin. This goes great with my Space Pack. This is s great ways to get some hands on learning.

Space Sensory Bin

This bin if full of space items. You can learn about about how we explored space travel from the different object. Plus the planets are always great to put in as well. This will provide sensory and physical manipulation of objects while learning about space.

What you need: mixture of beans, Safari LTD Space Toob, and 3-D Solar System.

Space Sensory Bin

The girls had a lot of fun learning the new names of the planets and items in the sensory bin.

Space Sensory Bin

They played for a long time exploring what was in the bin and looking at all the things they could learn in the bin.

Space Sensory Bin

We named all the planets.

Space Sensory Bin
Space Sensory Bin

Then they played off and on with the bin for the rest of the day. As with all bin it was left as an option for them to play with during our learning.

Space Sensory Bin

As always please watch children when you have small objects that could be chocking hazards.

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  1. Susan Case says:

    Cassie – I added this to my Spooktacular Smorgasboard of Science & Sensory Ideas – hope that is okay. Thanks for visiting.

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