Summer Book Exchange – Rainforest Dioramas

Rainforest - Book Exchange

Since we mailed off our package a few weeks ago the girls have been excited about this project! The Summer Book Exchange 2013 is here at 3 Dinosaurs.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

Our Box came from Feels Like Home.

Feels Like Home

First we opened the box. We looked through each item and then read the letter with instructions. We looked through each activity in the box.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

We read the book Tiger, Tiger. This was a new book for us! All 3 girls loved it and also liked the shadow! We talked about the rainforest and went over some of the animals in the pictures that were sent to color. We talked also about what we knew about the rainforest already.

First we painted out boxes and let them dry.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

The girls then did their Roll and Color a Tiger. They used Crayola 12ct Watercolor Colored Pencils. We loved these. This time we dipped the pencil in water and painted.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

Next the girls colored the rainforest animals they were going to put in their dioramas. We used the oil pastels and the Crayola 12ct Watercolor Colored Pencils.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

After the boxes were dry they started to put together their dioramas. This was tons of fun for them because we have not done it very often. My youngest was not always as involved with everything but got involved more as she saw her sisters doing fun things. Each of them had their own ideas of what they wanted to do and what their rainforest should look like. I gave suggestions but they were most often not used.

Rainforest - Book Exchange

This finished product!

Rainforest - Book Exchange

This was a totally new project for us. The girls asked if they could make a MUCH bigger one after this one. So we shall see what will happen.

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9 Responses to Summer Book Exchange – Rainforest Dioramas

  1. They did such a good job! We’re excited to share our projects with you this week!

    • Cassie says:

      It was lots of fun for them and me. I kept forgetting to take pictures. 🙂

      I can’t wait to see how you did as well!

  2. What a fun project! Thank you so much for participating in the Summer Book Exchange! I’ll have to check out the water color pencils, I’ve never seen those before! Can’t wait to see what you’ve sent to Tara!

    • Cassie says:

      We have had a ton of fun with them. We have used them for several projects and the girls love it. It is always fun to use them a new way.

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  4. The dioramas were a great idea and your girls did a terrific job with them. They look amazing. We had fun participating in the exchange too. It is wonderful to be exposed to new books and creative ideas (and to share your own).

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