Top 10 Ways to Use Flashcards

Last year we did a 10 days to do something for School’s Out! I did a great post on 10 different ways to do activities with books. This year I wanted to show something a little different.

I’m always looking for new ways to use flashcards. Does not matter if they are sight words, math cards (addition & Subtraction), Vocab cards from theme printable packs.

Top 10 Ways to Use Flashcards -

1. Fishing for Cards

You can put paper clips on the cards and go fishing for the flash cards. This works some fine motor and gives them a chance to play while learning.

Fishing for Cards

2. Matching Games

Print two sets of the flashcards. Cut one set up and match them to the second printed sheet. This is fun and can be used many different types of cards. See more about the cards here at Using Early Reader Printables.

Matching Games

2. Old Maid

Old maid is a classic game you can play with any set of flashcards. This is fun to do and see who ends up with the “Old Maid”. Print off two sets of cards and leave one card out from the set. Let them know what the old maid is. When we do sight words when they make the match they have to say the sight words. We have also done this with addition and subtraction cards. It is slightly hard with math flash cards but is still fun.

4. Making Your Own Puzzles

Cut up the cards in different shapes and have them do the puzzle. This is easy to do with any flashcard. It is fun to do math flashcards and have them do the puzzle and then solve the math.

Flash Cards in Sensory Bags -

5. Build Words with Letter Tiles

I love using the flashcards for the girls to build words. We often use the sight words cards and Appletters to make the words. I get them several letters to pick from and they make the letters. We do something similar in the Read Write and Build in the Early Reading Printables for BOB Books.

Build Words -

6. Play Go Fish

Go Fish is another classic game that is easy to so with several types of cards. You print off 4 sets of the cards and get 4 matching. This is easy to do and fun for the kids as well. The cards can always change up and we enjoy also doing math cards or different number cards. You need at least 12 words to make it fun to play.

7. Personal Word Walls

Keep track of the words that they have learned. Make personal word walls or keep track of the sight words that they know. You can also do the same with and put it in a folder. I used the sight words cards for this example.

Personal Word Walls -

8. Put them on a Ring

I love putting the cards on rings and making them books or cards they can just flip through at any point and time. You can see an example of a book set that I put together and put on rings for the Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words.

9. Sensory Bags

Print the cards all on one page and make them small. Put them in a ziplog back with other items and search and find your flash cards. We used 3 pages from the these sight word. I always print them on colored paper so they stand out. Most times we just use Rice in a bag with color sight word cards.

Flashcards in Sensory Bags -

10. Make Sentences

Use the sight word, CVC Word Family and 3 part cards from packs to make sentences. This is fun and easy. Give them a collection of the words they are working on and some vocab cards from the 3 Part cards from any printable theme pack.

Make Sentences -

I hope you enjoyed my Top 10 ways to use Flash Cards!

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  1. Flash cards are usually considered boring, but these are fun activities to use them for!

  2. LOve these ideas – thanks!!

  3. Such great ideas! Consider adding your post (and others!) to our Learn Through Play Hop. We are open all month long!

  4. Ooohhh! I must remember to do #5 with my daughter this summer!

  5. Crystal & Co says:

    Thanks for sharing a link to my flipbook! You rock!

  6. So many brilliant ideas here – loove the puzzle idea!!

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  8. Great ideas here, Cassie!

    Thanks for sharing over at The Thoughtful Spot! I’m pinning to share with others, too!

  9. Jill says:

    Love these great ideas!! Thank you for the fun ways to use them.

  10. Thank you for sharing these creative uses for flash cards!

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    Thanks for your great ideas!

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