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3 Dinosaurs
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Terms of Use

These printables are provided FREE of charge. Please do share the web pages to my printables. But please remember that all of my printables are for personal use. You cannot claim these printables or sell them as your own. All the printables and pictures are the property of 3 Dinosaurs.

Please Do.

  • Download the files to your computers and print them off for personal use and in a group or class setting.
  • Direct people to the blog or site when sharing with others.
  • Give credit proper back to 3 Dinosaurs when blogging about our files.

You May Not

  • You May Not Link directly to the pdf file.
  • You May Not Remove the "Created By Cassie @ 3Dinosaurs.com" or alter the file to make it your own.
  • You May Not Emailing PDF files to other people - This includes mass emailing of people, put the pdfs in with other pdfs and any type of email. (Provide links to site only.) If you want to use files for distance learning please contact me to get premission.
  • You May Not Alter my files in any way: This means NO CHANGES at all. (This includes screen shots of the pdfs, altering the language or changing the language)
  • You May Not Store them on your website or other services in any format (This includes hosting them on facebook, drop box, school sharing system, and other file sharing or hosting sites.)
  • You May Not Seek to use these to drive traffic to your site or sell them in any way.
  • You May Not Use any 3 Dinosaurs printables in Outschool or other online teaching programs that are similar.
  • You May Not Print off and sell them to others.
  • You May Not Print off and distribute to others.

Please remember, this is about being Honest.

I reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

If you have any questions please contact me.