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Romping & Roaring Shape Packs

There are 9 Romping & Roaring Shape Word Packs! These are hands-on and some no prep printable activities for the shapes.

Part of the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs will be coming out for free. This is where you will be able to check out the free Shape Packs as they come out. The free Romping & Roaring Shape Packs will have 10 pages of each set free.

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Romping & Roaring Shape Packs

Romping & Roaring Shape Packs contains 626 pages:
Each of the shape packs has the following:

  • Prewriting Trace the Lines (No Prep)
  • Trace & Color (No Prep)
  • Shape Coloring Page (No Prep)
  • Decorate the Shape (No Prep)
  • Shape Playdough Mat
  • Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing
  • Word Playdough Mat
  • Word Playdough Mat with Tracing
  • Color the Word by Letter (No Prep)
  • Trace, Color & Write (No Prep)
  • Tracing with Stop and Start (No Prep)
  • Tracing the shape and word (No Prep)
  • Trace the Pattern (No Prep)
  • Dot the Shape (No Prep)
  • Find the Shape (No Prep)
  • Color by Size (No Prep)
  • Trace by Size (No Prep)
  • Follow the Shape Word (No Prep)
  • Follow the Shape (No Prep)
  • 3 Part Cards
  • Pocket Chart Cards
  • Trace the Word, Write the Word
  • Small Reading Book in Color and Black & White
  • Small Reading Book in Color and Black & White with tracing
  • Shape Tile Word
  • Shape Word Puzzles
  • Color the Pattern
  • Sorting by Size
  • 2 Piece Puzzles
  • 4 Piece Puzzles
  • 9 Piece Puzzles
  • Shape Lacing Card
  • Small Shape Coloring Book
***PLUS Extras Only in the Bundle!***
  • There are over 240 extras that are only in the Romping & Roaring Shapes Bundle!
  • Shape Cards – plain, with guides, and color word with shape
  • Shape Help Desk charts – Easy chart to print out and help kids with the shape and shape words
  • Read Write & Build – 7 different colors of mats to use in a center
  • Trace, Color & Write Dice – 2 types one for cutting and folding into a die or one for cube dice inserts.
  • Wall Cards – Shape Themed Wall Cards 2 per page with four cards per shape that match up to the packs.
  • Shape book – Several Variations of the book: shape & word, shape & trace Word, shape & write word, trace shape & word – with single and teacher print options
  • Easy Reader Shape Book with words: I see a/an – with single and teacher print options
  • Coloring code options for Color the Patterns in the packs
  • Shape Bookmarks – 12 different shape bookmarks with single and teacher print
  • Shape Pack – 82 pages of activities around the shapes
    • 3 Part Cards
    • Pocket Chart Cards
    • Trace the shape word strips
    • Trace the Shape & Shape Word strips
    • Write the Word strips
    • Trace the Shape strips
    • Beginning Sound Clip Cards
    • Tile Cards for shape names with letters
    • Tile Cards for shape names without letters
    • Letter tiles to use with Tile Cards
    • Matching Cards with Shape Pictures
    • Match Cards with Shape Word
    • Pattern Cards one for each shape
    • What Comes Next
    • Draw a Picture of Write a Sentence for the Shape
    • Trace & Color the Shapes
    • Shape Word Search with answer key
You can get the full set for $20.00 at the links below.

Looking for additional ideas check out my Pinterest board.

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