3 Dinosaurs
3 Dinosaurs
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Spring Learning: First Grade Pond Week

ADChoices by Google

ADChoices by Google

Spring Learning: First Grade Pond Week - No-Prep

Spring Learning: First Grade Pond Week - No-Prep contains 22 pages:

  • 4 pages of printables each day
  • 5 days of no-prep worksheets
  • Sight Words: black, eat, must, she, under
  • Matching Pictures & Sentences, Blends FL, Blends FR, Is is FL or FR?, Life Cycle of a Frog Words & Writing, CVCC Ending Sounds ALL ELL ULL, Write the Story Frog Life Cycle
  • Math: Skip Counting by Ten, 2D & 3D Shape, Spinning Addition, Number & Tally Marks, Spinning Subtraction, Spinning Fractions, How Much Money? Filling in the Missing Numbers
You can get the full set for $3.00 at the links below.

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No-Prep Grade Level Weekly Packs

Spring Learning: Pond Week

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