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Suffix S Learning Pack

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Suffix S Learning Pack

Suffix S Learning Pack contains 43 pages:

  • Dot the Word
  • Write the Word
  • Singular and Plural
  • Marking Suffix S
  • Coloring the Suffix S
  • Singular & Plural Cut & Paste
  • Roll & Read
  • Follow the Suffix Word Maze
  • Singular and Plural Word Bank Sorting
  • Write Page For Puzzles
  • 2 Piece puzzles with singular and plural words and pictures.
  • Write Page – Write page to use with the clip cards
  • Singular & Plural Clip Cards – 4 cards per page with CVC and CVCC words.
  • Kids in Nature: Suffix S Easy Reader Book Single Print
  • Kids in Nature: Suffix S Easy Reader Book Teachers Print
You can get the full set for $3.00 at the links below.

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