Monthly Goals September 2016

August was an amazing month for my girls and I. We had a great time as a family and relaxed. I made my goals done, and it was so relaxing. I can say that while on vacation it was amazing for me and I did great. Coming home was hard and frustrating to try and set back into projects again. There are so many things going on. I stopped working on my goals and worked on less and less.

We have a new month, and goals are similar and some changes. Today is also my girls first day of school. That means major changes for me and I hope to settle into the changes quickly. I have some big things I want to do in all my areas. You can see some of them over the next month and in coming months.

I picked this month’s image from one of my favorite images for the last month.

Monthly Goals September 2016: Blog, Family and Personal -

I divide my goals into three areas: blog, family and personal. This division allows me to make goals for each of those areas. Each one has daily, weekly and monthly goals. It allows me to be able to put them into my to do list as I work on it. I also review each area as I finish up the month before.

3 Dinosaurs Monthly Goals

Blog Goals

I got a lot done during the summer and loved it. Mostly I loved that I was days and days ahead on projects and posts. I did like it. I also got a lot of projects finished and updated for others. I did tons of changes on printables that I put up for sale. I also got a lot of updates done on my printables section on my blog. I have tons of changes that are happening, and I’m excited about it.

This month I’ll do my first growing bundle as well. Keep an eye out for the post that will be coming on it.

  • Get ahead on my blog posts at least 3 or 4 days.
  • Take Weekends off and keep to a work week only if I can do it.
  • Take one planned break from blogging and the computer. I love this during the summer.
  • Finish 6 smaller selling products for the month – yes working towards making more selling products. I’ll be putting them up on Teachers Pay Teacher or Teachers Notebook as I make them.
  • Complete teacher requested projects that will be up on Teachers Pay Teacher and Teachers Notebook. Yes, I have taken on a few paying projects.
  • Finish the new Romping & Roaring Shape Packs! The main packs are finished working on extras. Look for a Building Bundle Coming soon!
  • Use the Blog Planner I bought – Look for planner that allows for planning two posts a day
  • Update 1 old post each week or update two download pages with links to the blog. (ON GOING)
  • Create a total project list of all started projects with projected release dates.
  • Star working on a new Logo & Blog Design – this will be a year-long project
  • Schedule less on Facebook – will only spend 30 minutes a day on this
  • Write up a few trip reviews
  • Review the survery results.

Family Goals

My girls and I relaxed into our summer and had a fun time. We were totally enjoyed having everything simple. I hope to keep some of that going. We are doing changes around in the house and that means loads of planning on my part.

We have a new chore chart we will be working on. It will help us change things up a little bit and keep my girls and I organized. We are moving a few things around in the house. That means keeping us going on our goals. We have a new school routine to work out as well.

  • Work on our School rountine for the Year
  • Spend one weekend Computer Free!
  • Keep a TO DO LIST and weekly menu! I need this I get more done even if I don’t complete it all. I keep track of my projects better.
  • Declutter one area 15 minutes every day until one area is clean. The areas I’ll be cleaning are kitchen, stairs, my bedroom, the office room (Look for pictures on Instagram #kbngoals
  • Keep Homework area clean
  • Keep my kitchen counter cleaned off!
  • Have no laundry to fold at the end of the day. Then keep track on my to-do list, so I don’t forget laundry in washer. Work on the girls doing more laundry.
  • Use Daily, Weekly & Monthly Cleaning Cart – yes, this does help me get my cleaning done.
  • Read more to my girls not less – Start Our Fall Reading list!
  • Add to the girls chore list and help them learn the chore. (Working on Chore Charts)
  • Clean out unused items and declutter the whole office

Personal Goals

I’m going to be taking on several projects for me this year. I hope to keep up my fitness this fall. Plus take personal time and not work on just one area for the time my girls are in school.

  • Set alarms for school bus and walking times.
  • Schedule my block of time that the girls are in school between: blog, personal and family.
  • Daily Fitness – This means fitness comes before ANYTHING else. I have to have my fitness to make sure my day goes better. My attitude is better when I do.
  • Make 10,000 steps EVERY day. I’ll be using a Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband to help with my tracking.
  • Figure out my fall fitness plan.
  • Work on my making sure I eat right all the time
  • Schedule a time out of the house for me twice a month – I need to work on this more.
  • Take days off! I mean really take them off with no blog work at all on those days.
  • Read or listen to 5 fun books during the month – Don’t always get new books, enjoy rereading books as well.
  • Last year I started reading these books self help and parenting books. This year I’m going to reread a few and post a review of some of them each month.
  • Color in my coloring book when I get stressed or need a mommy time out – at least 15 minutes a day
  • Finish the new Harry Potter Book: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Yes, I’m reading it slowly and not fast.

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August 2016 Book Finds

Every month is a new challenge to find new books! We are always reading pictures books. Yes, EVEN my 10-year-old reads pictures books. Reading of any kind is important. Plus not all pictures books are at the same easy reading level. All books have different degrees in reading level.

It is fun to have a book you can pick up and read and finish sometimes. We really do enjoy reading picture books. This month’s collection comes from some of our travels, some we have bought and some from libraries that we visited.

August 2016 Book Finds: history, dragons, wordless books, zoos, bugs, art works  -

There are links to Amazon for all the books. A lot of the books have previews of the books as well. I make a small amount of money from purhaces made on

What’s New? The Zoo!: A Zippy History of Zoos is a great book to learn more about the histories of zoo! They did not start recently. There have been zoos all over history. We had a great time reading about all of them.

Return is a wordless book that my girls and I have been looking forward to! This is a great series and it is the third book in the group. Journey and Quest are the first two books in this wordless book series. They are all great. You can see so much, plus I love the crayons that make things.

Dragon Was Terrible is a great book about how bad behavoir is not always nice. It says that dragons are horrible but this one is worse. I love how the books works through the problem.

Bring Me a Rock! is a nice book about how small things can help sometimes. A bug king wants big rocks only. He turns away a bug with a small rock. But it turns out that a small rock may be just what you need!

I Am NOT a Dinosaur!i s a fun look at the other animals that are not around not but were around during the time of the dinosaurs. Plus there is a great timeline at the end of the book plus details about each animal in the book. We loved this one.

Art Detective: Spot the Difference! is a fun book about finding the differences of orginal art works and a forgery. It is a fun way to look at art and noticing the changes and there is an answer key in the back plus details about each of the paintings.

A Child’s Introduction to Natural History: The Story of Our Living Earth–From Amazing Animals and Plants to Fascinating Fossils and Gems is a book my girls fell in love with. While it is very basic it has a lot of great details for them to read about different topics. It is a good book to help kids learn and maybe find other books they might like on different topics. It covers a broad range of bacis history for them to learn about. It also has a list of nautral history museums to go see at the back of the book.

August Book Finds

Check out these books from the last few months:

Cassie –

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2016 Apple Calendar

This is the fourth year, I’ll be updating the calendars for apples. I just love the calendars sets. They are fun and easy to use apple calendar sets. These are always fun to have for the different seasons. Plus the as always the updates are free!

This calendar set matches up with the Apple Activities Pack. There are two sets of calendar cards and several single pages to use with kids.

Free 2016 Apple Calendar Set - September & October 2016 -

I just love these sets. They are fun and easy for kids to use. You can see information about the cards and some of the single pages below.

The first set of the calendar has six different apple images: 3 solid color and three fancies. They are a fun set that kids can have fun with.

Free 2016 Apple Calendar Set - September & October 2016 -

The second set is the apple pattern set. You are going to find red and yellow apples in an AB pattern. This is great to teach younger kids simple patterns.

Free 2016 Apple Calendar Set - September & October 2016 -

Fill in the Missing & Tracing page has been updated as well. There are solid, missing and trace the numbers for the kids to do. This is great for those that know their numbers but need a little extra help.

Free 2016 Apple Calendar Set - September & October 2016 -

You still have the Dot Marker printables. They have numbers 1 through 30 or 1 through 31. This calendar page fun for kids to do. Plus it is not linked to any certain calendar month. My girls love using dot marker.

Free 2016 Apple Calendar Set - September & October 2016 -

Graphics from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles.

Apple Calendar Set

What you will Find in these Apple Calendar printables:
Apple Calendar set: Days of the weeks, September, October, 2016, 2017, and 1 to 31 numbers (3×3).
Apple Pattern Calendar: September, October, 2016, 2017, and 1 to 31 numbers (3×3).
Apple Single Page Calendar: 6 pages of September, October, 2016 – color pattern, trace and color number, fill in the missing and dot the number.

Things we plan on using with these calendar printables:

Keep an eye out for the New Calendar Themes that will be coming out for 2016! Also keep an eye out for the match Daily Numbers and Math that match the calendars!

If you want more apple activities and printables check them all out:

Apple Activities from 3 Dinosaurs

Looking for more Fall Printables then check out all of them on 3 Dinosaurs.

Cassie –

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