Favorite Summer Activities

Today I have a great guest post from Mama Smiles! I hope that you enjoy it.

The school year is winding down, and my kids are counting those final days until summer vacation. This is a favorite time of year in our house – we love having free time to explore and play together as a family. Here are some of our favorite summer activities for kids.
Favorite Summer Activities - great ways to spend your summer having fun by Mama Smiles for 3Dinosaurs.com

Sun-upcycled crayons

This fun solar energy experiment is a great way to use up old, broken crayons. I know I usually have an impressive collection by the end of the school year! If you set it up correctly, the weather doesn’t even have to be that hot for it to work. Get the details in my sun-upcycled crayons post.

Take sensory play outside

Summer is the perfect time to try sensory play. Worried about the mess? Try this eco-friendly sensory play recipe the kids can enjoy outside! When they are done playing, everything hoses away. It’s a favorite that my children enjoy every summer.

Try big art

Summer is a great time to try big art projects, because you can take them outside. We love using cardboard as a canvas, and drawing with chalk on a wet surface for especially vibrant artwork. Tracing shadows is another fun activity.

Family walk with a twist

Go on a walk, but let the kids lead the walk! My children always find something interesting to see! My kids led us to a hidden spot in our neighborhood that has become a favorite family hangout. We never would have found it with parents in charge of the walk!

Don’t forget classics

Classic activities never get old! Take the kids swimming, visit a beach or spray park, run through the sprinkler, and blow bubbles!

What are your favorite summer activities for kids? Is there a favorite from your own childhood that your children now enjoy?

Bio: MaryAnne lives in California with her husband and their four children, aged 4, 7, 9, and 11 years old. She blogs about parenting, crafts, and education at Mama Smiles. You can also find MaryAnne on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
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Flower Number Color & Trace

Flowers are one of my favorite themes for spring! A lot of flowers are now in bloom or have bloomed and it is fun to see them. This printable is one I made for Free Homeschool Deals.

Themes sets work great for those kids that love having things changed up.

Free Fower Themed Number Color & Trace - Numbers 1 to 10 - 3Dinosaurs.com

This printable will work great for PreK or Kinder age kids. This is a number coloring and tracing book. It has numbers 0 to 10 in it. It would also work great as a review for 1st-grade kids as well.

There are flowers matching up to the number and have tracing for the number digit and the number word. I really like being able to work on both types of numbers together. This makes it nice to learn them together.

What you will find in these printables:

  • Flowers to color
  • Numbers 0 to 10
  • 11 pages of printables
  • Tracing for number digit and number word.

Check out these other Flower Printables or Activities:

Check out these other Flower Activities and Printables:

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

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Free Romping & Roaring Star Pack

I love things that are flexible for all kids to learn with. That is why I love the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs so much. Each pack has a variety of activities from no-prep to hands on playdough mats.

Plus you can pick and choose which pages you want to use for your child or classroom.

Today we have the free Romping & Roaring Star Pack out!

Free Romping & Roaring Heart Pack - 10 pages of activities - 3Dinosaurs.com

This pack is the 8th of 9 shape packs. The full set of the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs has nine shape packs that have 40 pages of activities for each color word. Plus there are over 400 pages of extras that included a Shape Themed Pack, Easy Reader Book, wall cards and more. They each work perfectly together help kids learn their geometric shape and shape words.

This series of printables is loads of fun and kids love to use them. You can pick the page that fits the need of your child of the classroom. There is a mix of no prep and prep printables to pick from and use. I wanted this to be flexible so it could grow with your child or classroom. You can read all about the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs and see how we use them.

If you don’t want to wait once a month for the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs to come out you can buy it my Teachers Notebook Store or Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Homeschooler - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Another option is to just buy the full Romping & Roaring Heart Pack set buy itself. You can buy it at my Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers stores.

Graphics from Melonheadz Illustrating and Doodles and Whimsy Clips

Free Romping & Roaring Star Pack - 10 pages of activities - 3Dinosaurs.com

Each pack has 42 pages of printables for each shape. Here is a list of what you will find in each pack:

What will you find in the Free Romping & Roaring Star Pack:

  • Prewriting Trace the Lines
  • Trace & Color
  • Star Coloring Page
  • Decorate the Star
  • Star Playdough Mat
  • Word Playdough Mat
  • Color the Word by Letter
  • Tracing with Stop and Start
  • Dot the Shape
  • Color by Size

Romping & Roaring Star Pack – Selling Sets Only:

  • Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing
  • Word Playdough Mat with Tracing
  • Trace, Color & Write (No Prep)
  • Tracing the shape and word (No Prep)
  • Trace the Pattern (No Prep)
  • Find the Shape (No Prep)
  • Trace by Size (No Prep)
  • Follow the Shape Word (No Prep)
  • Follow the Shape (No Prep)
  • 3 Part Cards, Pocket Chart Cards
  • Trace the Word
  • Write the Word
  • Small Reading Book in Color and Black & White
  • Small Reading Book in Color and Black & White with tracing
  • Shape Tile Word
  • Shape Word Puzzles
  • Color the Pattern
  • Sorting by Size
  • 2 Piece Puzzles
  • 4 Piece Puzzles
  • 9 Piece Puzzles
  • Shape Lacing Card
  • Small Shape Coloring Book

Here are some things we plan on using with this Romping & Roaring Shape Packs:

If you don’t want to wait for the Romping & Roaring Shape Packs out each month, plus want all the pages, shape easy reader books, wall cards, and a shape themed pack you can get it all for $20. There are over 640 pages of activities for kids to use to learn their shapes.

Romping & Roaring Shape Pack Bundle - over 640 pages of activities for 9 different shapes $ - 3Dinosaurs.com

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

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