87+ Shape Printable & Activities

Shapes are a favorite because there are so many ways to learn shapes. You can learn shapes with shape playdough mats, shape cards, shape puzzles, shape no-prep worksheet, shape dot marker pages, and more!

Learning shapes works on many different skills like sorting, comparing what is different, comparing what is similar, and more.

Shape help build ways into learning more words, building pre-reading skills, and more.

I have this fun collection of printables and activities that work great for Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten. There is a mix of activities to meet the needs of many different learning styles.

87+ Shape Printable & Activities - with shape packs, no-prep shape printables, shape puzzles, shapes shorting, shape crafts, - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

There are a lot of shape printables and activities on 3 Dinosaurs. Plus I’m always adding and updating printables as well! You are going to have a mix of evergreen and seasonal printables for the shapes.

You are going to have shape packs, shape cards, shapes no-prep printables, shape seasonal printables, shape puzzles, shape sorting, shape matching, shape crafts, and more!

Things to use with the Shape Printables & Activites

I always get asked or when we use with the printable and activities and this is a great list to help with that!

Shape Themed Packs

Romping & Roaring Shape Pack is a HUGE set of shape printable that you can work on one shape at a time. Each shape pack has 40 pages for kids to learn with that shape it has a mix of hands-on and no-prep activities. PLUS there is a fun Color pack that is an extra that has 82 pages!

Romping & Roaring Shape Pack Bundle - over 640 pages of activities for 9 different shapes $ - 3Dinosaurs.com

Tree Shape Themed Pack For PreK & Kindergarten is a full set of shape activities with patterns, tracing, matching and more all with trees that are shapes!

Shape Card & Bookmark Pintables

There are the wall cards, bookmarks, tracing cards for shapes. These are easy to print and use.

Free 3D Shape Bookmarks - 14 different 3D shapes with shape picture and shape word - 3Dinosaurs.com

2D Shape Wall Cards has 15 shapes for kids to learn with two cards per page. You can also check out a selling set version that has two types of cards and two sizes.

3D Shape Bookmarks has 14 3D shapes for kids to learn the name of. These are great for smaller hands.

Shape Bookmarks has 12 shapes for kids to learn the name and the shape. I love that the bookmarks work great and flipbooks!

2D Shape Tracing Cards has 11 shapes for kids to see and trace. They are super fun cards to use.

Shape No-Prep Printables

This is where you will find all the no-prep shape printables that works for all year! These are pages that you just print and use!

Trace, Color, & Write: ABCs, Numbers & Shapes - easy activities to work on write and drawing for kids. With an interactive element of spinning to see which you do - 3Dinosaurs.com

Shape Trace, Find & Color has a shape name to trace and then the shape to trace. You can then find pictures that match that shape below.

Shape Trace & Sort lets you trace several shapes and then sort them correctly.

Trace, Color, & Draw Shapes has tracing the shape, color the shapes and draw the shape to help kids learn their shapes.

Large Shape Tracing Pages has a single shape on each page for kids to trace. These also work great as playdough mats.

Shape Coloring Pages has kids holding the shapes with tracing and coloring for the shape name and geometric shape. There is also a Shape Coloring Page selling version that has a different coloring page.

Shape Coloring Symmetry Art has a mix of shapes in patterns that you can color and learn symmetry.

Shape Trace & Color Printables has a fun shapes to trace and then color to make fun coloring pages.

3D Shape Coloring Pages has 3D shapes to color and 3D shape names to color and trace. Plus there is a selling version you can find as well.

Museum Shape Search with Free Printable has shapes for kids to find in museums. But there is a version you could use anywhere. It is a great on-the-go learning activity.

Geometric Shapes Board Games are a great way to work on eight different shapes and their attributes with these game boards.

Seasonsal & Themed No-Prep Shape Printables

Now I do have loads of seasonal and themed no-prep pages for shapes. You are going to find shape printables for all the seasons!

Free Fine Motor Fun With Space Shape Tracing - with 10 shapes for kids to trace and color - 3Dinosaurs.com

No-Prep Summer ABCs, Numbers & Shapes are fun no-prep packs with shapes, ABCs and numbers activities all mixed in together. They have a summer theme and are great for a summer review.

No-Prep School ABCs, Numbers & Shapes is like the summer version but in a school themed. It has shool themed shapes, ABCs and numbers. These are great for back to school time!

Forest Animals Graphing has a few shape pages for kids to roll and trace.

Pumpkin Shape Tracing has several shapes for kids to trace and color with one shape on each page.

Turkey Feather Shape Tracing is a great shape tracing activity that lets you trace several shapes at the same time. It is loads of fun to do.

Christmas Lights Shape Tracing has the shapes with Christmas lights around them. They are super fun to trace the shape and color the lights.

Christmas Tree Spin & Trace Shapes has four shapes on each Christmas tree for kids to spin and trace the shape.

Space Shape Tracing has fun shapes with stars around them. They can color the shapes and the stars.

Transportation Road Shape Tracing Printable has nine fun shapes for kids to trace with cars in a black or a white version.

Candy Shape Spin, Trace & Color has fun candy jars with shapes and for kids to spin and find the color and trace the shape in that color.

Easter Egg Spin and Trace Shapes has a fun easter egg to trace and color with four shapes on each egg.

Tree Shape Trace and Color has treee with shapes for the top of the tree for kids to trace.

Flower Shape Tracing Printables has 9 fun shapes with flowers for kids to shape. This is a great prek and kindergarten pritnable.

Shape Dot Marker Printables

Dot marker shapes are one of our favorite ways to work on learning shapes. Dot markers you can use when they are under and work great for fine motor skills while learning shapes.

Free Shape Dot Marker Printables - 15 shapes for kids to have fun with dot markers or hands-on covering - 3Dinosaurs.com

Shape Dot Marker Printables has 12 shapes for kids to dot and learn. It has the shape to do and each page has the shape name. There is also a making Shape Dot Marker Selling Set that has more dot marker options.

3D Shape Dot Marker Pages has seven 3D shapes for kids to see the 3D shapes to dot and the 3D shape name. There is also a 3D Shapes Dot Marker Selling Set that has different options for the 3D Shapes.

Dot the Shape & Trace the Sentence have the shape for kids to dot and then a sentence or word for kids to trace.

Shape Dot the Shape Find the Shape has a shape for them to do and then a shape to find. It has 11 shapes for kids to work on.

Shapes: Dot Shape & Trace the Shape has 11 shapes for kids to dot and then trace three of the shape below.

Shapes: Dot The Shape, Trace the Shape, & Write the Shape has 12 shapes for kids to dot the shape and then trace, write or draw the shape. You have the shape name and shape geometric shape.

Shape Find Printables

There are printables that focus on finding shapes. They work on recognizing the shape word and the shape name. You will find both no-prep and seasonal shape finds for kids to use.

Easy No-Prep Shark Themed Shape Find - with shape and shape word for kids - 3Dinosaurs.com

Color the Shape & Find the Shape has a fun shape in the middle and several shapes around it to find and color.

Shape Dot the Shape Find the Shape has kids dot the shape and then you can find and dot the same shape beside it.

Seasonsal Shape Finds

Each of these shape finds have seasonal themes for kids to work on the shapes.

Rain Themed Shape Find has raindrops for kids to find the shapes

Tree Shape Find has the shape as the top of the tree.

No-Prep Shark Shape Find has shark fins for kids to find the shapes on.

Spider Themed Shape Finds has a fun spider web for kids to find the shapes on.

Turkey Themed Shape Finds has turkeys holding the shapes.

Christmas Themed Shape Finds has presented for kids to find the shapes on.

Space Themed Shape Finds has planets for kids to find the shapes on.

Transportation Themed Shape Find has fun car and sign theme for kids to find the shapes on the signs.

Shape Hands-on Printables

These are all hands-on activities to work on shapes. They have matching, playdough mats, and other fun hands-on shape activities.

Free Shape Playdough Mats - 11 shape mats to use with kids- 3Dinosaurs.com

Shape Playdough Mats has several shape and fun way to build the shapes. Plus you can get the Shape Playdough Mat Set which has several playdough mat options for each shape.

Shape Playdough Mat with Tracing Shape & Word has the shapes playdough mat for kids to build the shape and then they can have tracing of the shape word and geometric shape.

Shape Lacing Printable has 11 fun shapes for kids to work on lacing.

Busy Bag Printables: Shapes has some matching activities and other fun suggestion to use the printables.

Shape Seasonal hands-on printables

Tree Shape Matching Cards has you match shape on the tree with the shape name.

Hands-On Dinosaur Shape Mats has fun dinosaurs in a shape theme.

Shape Sorting with Ocean Fish has sorting of four shapes with ocean fish.

Shark Shape Matching Puzzles has fun matching puzzles for the shapes on the fin with an example of the shape.

Star Themed Shape Playdough Mat is a great space themes shape playdough mat that comes in color two color options.

Apple Shape Sorting Printable has you sorting four shapes to the correct shape tree.

Football Shape Matching Puzzles is a shape matching activity to put the football back in one shape.

Pumpkin Shape Sorting has four shapes for kids to sort to pumpkin themed mats.

Pumpkin Shape Playdough Mats are great for the fall. These shape playdough mats have 12 shape for kids to use with playdough shap and tracing the shape name.

Shape Themed Printables in Activity Packs

These sets all have the same type of shape activities with no-prep pages, easy reader books, clip cards, and tracing strips. Each of the set has other pages in them that work for learning shapes.

Space Activities Pack for Prewriting, Shapes, ABCs, and Numbers - 189 pages of activities with no-prep worksheets, easy reader books, clip cards and tracing strips. All to help have fun with planets, rockets and moons in easy to prepare pages and hands-on activities  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Easter Activities Pack has shapes in easter eggs or kids to learn their shapes.

Spring Activities Pack has fun kite themed shapes for kids to learn.

Butterfly Activities Pack has fun butterflies with shapes for the activities.

Flower Activity Pack has fun shapes made into flowers.

Winter Activities Pack has a mitten theme for the shapes.

Penguin Activities Pack has fun penguins with shapes.

Valentine Activities Pack has a stamp themed shape activities

St Patrick’s Day Activity Pack has a fun clover themed activities for kids to do.

Space Activities Pack has planets with shape for the shape activities.

Summer Activities Pack has fun water splashes with shapes.

Beach Activity Pack has shapes with shells for the shape activities.

Shark Activity Pack has fun shark fins for the shape activities in the pack.

Book Activity Pack has book themes shapes activities.

Apple Activity Pack has apple themed shape activities.

Leaf Activity Pack has different colored leaves for the shape activities.

Pumpkin Activity Pack has pumpkin with shapes on them for the shape activities

Turkey Activity Pack has turkey themed shape activities.

Christmas Tree Activities Pack has Christmas lights themed shape activities.

Gingerbread Activity Pack has prewriting in a ginergread outline to make prewriting fun.

Animals in Winter Activity pack has shapes with animal footprints.

Football Activity Pack has football players for the shapes.

Groundhog Activity Pack has groundhogs around the different shapes!

Flower Activity Pack has flower shapes for kids to learn their shapes.

Shape Easy Reader books Printables

Ghost Shape Easy Reader Book & Clip Cards is a great shape coloring book with a ghost theme for Halloween. It also has shape clip cards that match the book.

Shape Crafts & Activities

These are hands-on shapes activities with sensory bins and shapes that all focus on shapes!

Shape Button Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

Shape Button Sensory Bin is a great way to explore shapes while doing sensory play.

Simple Heart Matching Puzzle is a fun hands on activity to match shapes on a page.

Button Sorting: Color & Shape is a simple activity where you sort shapes based on color and shape.

Science Fun with Tissue Paper Hearts is a great activity with heart shapes.

Shape Crafts & Paintings

Diamond Snake Craft is a fun snake and diamon shape activity with a fun book.

Square Search is a fun activity where you use a shape to do a shape find.

Oil Pastel Earth with Heart Shapes is a fun ywa to make an earth with heart shapes.

Watercolor Heart Process Art is a great watercolor and heart shape activity.

Model Magic Heart Craft is a fun use of a heart tracing printable.

Process Art Circle Painting is a great watercolor and oil pastel painting.

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

87+ Shape Printable & Activities - with shape packs, no-prep shape printables, shape puzzles, shapes shorting, shape crafts, - 3Dinosaurs.com

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