Button Sorting: Color & Shape

Sorting Buttons: Color and Shape

I do a lot of sorting activities with Mary (31 months). She loves them but I’m always looking for something different to do. I was reading in The Happy Mommy Handbook by Katie Norris and Susan Case and saw an idea for buttons. I have since found out that buttons are a lot of fun for kids. I wanted to show you two different sorting activities we have done with buttons. I use the same buttons for both activities.

What you need for both activities: basket, sorting container (found mine in the dollar section at Target) and plastic buttons.

Sorting Buttons: Color

Sorting Color
I started Mary on sorting color first. I had my older daughters pick 4 colors and then pull out all the buttons of that color. It was fun for the older girls to be involved in the activity. We repeated this activity until she had done all the colors.

Sorting Buttons: Color and Shape

I set it up with 4 colors. Mary and I went through and labeled the colors. Mary pointed to each color as we said them.

Sorting Buttons: Color

Mary started to sort through the colors. Mary liked to do one color at a time. She would often put it in the wrong box and says “no match”.

Sorting Buttons: Color
Sorting Buttons: Color

Once Mary finishes she likes to show me her empty basket.

Sorting Buttons: Color

Sorting Buttons: Shapes

Sorting Shapes
Shapes is always harder after doing colors. Mary’s first reaction was to sort them by colors. We went over the shapes in the 4 bins.

Sorting Buttons: Shapes

Mary was confused at first with all the colors in the basket.

Sorting Buttons: Shapes

Soon Mary was going and sorting her shapes one at a time.

Sorting Buttons: Shapes
Sorting Buttons: Shapes

Something so simple and fun for little ones. Buttons are lots of fun. I’ll have several more posts on buttons coming soon look for them this month!

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15 Responses to Button Sorting: Color & Shape

  1. Buttons present so many fun possibilities for kids. You picked some great activities.

  2. My daughter love too sort even my son and they are older. It keeps them busy! I have them sort toys too!

  3. Deborah says:

    I bought these exact same containers from Target too! I love them! I haven’t shared what we have been doing with them yet but this is a great way to use them too! I bought a BUNCH of them:)

  4. Jade says:

    I love the idea of sorting buttons (or any household items really!) into colours or shapes! Looks like your girl got the hang of it pretty easily 🙂 xx

  5. Those are awesome buttons! Love all the shapes and fall colors. Great simple idea for tots. Thanks for sharing.

  6. tricia says:

    I never thought about it before- but sorting shapes after sorting colors would be a lot harder! Super activity!

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