25+ Pirate Printables & Activities

Pirate is a theme that is great during the summer and fall. We love doing pirate activities around Talk Like a Pirate Day in September!

Pirate is one theme that you can really use at any time and just enjoy it. Pirate also makes a great summer theme. We have used it several times during the summer. We always shave a blast with it.

Enjoy my collection of pirate activities and printables!

25+ Pirate Printables & Activities - to use for a pirate theme or Talk Like a Pirate Day with ABCs, numbers, math, sensory bins, hands-on learning and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

I have them separated by type below. Be sure to check out all the ideas! Plus any new ideas that are added during the year will be added here as well.

Things to use with the Pirate Printables & Activities

Pirate Printables

The pirate printables are separated by type. You are going to find learning to read, ABCs, numbers, math, and more as they come out. This is a growing list each year.

25+ Pirate Printables & Activities - to use for a pirate theme of Talk Like a Pirate Day - 3Dinosaurs.com

Pirate Themed Printable Packs

Pirate Activity Pack: Prewriting, Shapes, ABCs & Numbers – It has pirate themed easy reader books, pirate themed clip cards, pirate themed tracing strips and pirate themed no-prep worksheets.

Pirate Pack is a themed pack that is great for 2 to 9. It has print and cursive options for kids. Plus the pirate pack has some older math.

Talk Like a Pirate No-Prep Week Packs fun weekly packs that have 5 days of printables with 4 pages per day. You have Prek, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade.

Build Up Summer Learning: Week 1 Pirate has tot through third grade levels for kids to use!

Sailing Fun Printables for Pirate Week is a great week of pirate printables from JDaniel4’s Mom, Royal Baloo, and 3 Dinosaurs.

Pirate Themed ABC Printables

Free Pirate Theme ABC Easy Reader Book - simple 14 page book to use with kids while working on lowercase letters and simple sentence reading - 3Dinosaurs.com

Pirate Themed ABC Find is a great way to work on uppercase and lowercase letters in an easy no-prep pirate printable.

Pirate Themed ABC Easy Reader Book is a great way to work on ABCs and reading at the same time. You have 13 fun pirate themed words.

Pirate Themed Learning to Read Printables

Free No-Prep Pirate Themed OI and AI Trace Find and Color - 2 pages of printables - 3Dinosaurs.com

No-Prep Pirate Themed OI and AI Trace Find and Color are fun activities for working on the different word types. But also work on words like coin and sail.

What Can a Pirate Sail Easy Reader Book: SH Digraphs is a silly pirate themed easy reader book. Plus a second book with filling the blank!

Pirate CVC Words Write Beginning Sounds Worksheet has 5 fun worksheets for kids to work on beginning sounds for CVC words with a worksheet for each short a, short e, short i, short o, and short u.

Hands-On Learning With Pirate Treasure Sorting T vs TR works on beginning sounds sorting priate gold coins.

Pirate Themed Writing Paper is loads of fun to use for spelling and other ideas. See all the ideas in the post!

Pirate Bookmarks has 8 bookmarks that are loads of fun. These are great for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pirate Themed Numbers Printables

Free Pirate Coin Counting Easy Reader Book - a fun way to count from 0 to 10  with pirate and coins - 3Dinosaurs.com

Pirate Themed Number Counting Mats has numbers 1 to 20 with ten frame in 4 different options.

Pirate Ten Frame Activities (1-20) has 4 ten frame cards options and matching pirate worksheets and pirate ten frame easy reader book.

Pirate Number Dot Marker & Counting are a great way to work on numbers and counting. You dot marker the number and counting the dots on the pirate chest.

Pirate Themed Number Find has nubmers 0 to 20 with number digit and number word. It is a great no-prep printable.

The Pirate Coin Themed Number Color and Trace has counting and coloring with tracing or writing you numbers.

Romping & Roaring Number Pack 20 with a Pirate theme has a great way to learn the number 20.

Pirate Coin Counting Easy Reader Book is a great way to work on nubmer 0 to 10 while counting coins.

Pirate Themed Math Printables

Free Pirate Themed Place Value Task Cards - 12 cards and one page to record answers - 3Dinosaurs.com

Adding Pirate Coins Easy Reader Books: Single and Double Digit – a different way to work on math activities.

Pirate Addition Sorting has kid working sorting more than 5 and less than 5 addition coins to a treasure chest.

Fun Pirate Themed Place Value Task Cards 12 cards for kids to work on place value.

Pirate Skip Counting Set: 2 to 12 – You can working skip counting from 2 to 12 with puzzles, skip counting number line bookmarks, skip counting mats, skip counting worksheets, and skip counting task cards.

No-Prep Pirate Themed Array Printables is a fun older math activity for kids to do!

Pirate Themed Money Game is a great game to work on coin names, pictures of coins, and coin amounts.

Pirate Treasure Division Sorting Task Cards With Pirate Past Noon is a great hands-on division activity where you make groups out of the numbers.

Pirate Activities & Crafts

This is the small collection of pirate activities that we have done. There is a book suggestion, sensory bin, and craft.

25+ Pirate Printables & Activities - to use for a pirate theme of Talk Like a Pirate Day - 3Dinosaurs.com

Chalk Pirate Flags are simple and fun to make!

July Poppins Book Nook: Ye Old Pirates! is some fun pirate books to read.

Pirate Sensory Bin is a fun sensory bin for kids to use.

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