Easy Art Project: Paper Roll Flowers

A fun way to make a flower using extra paper rolls. It is hands-on and very easy to do. Plus kids love it whens you can create something fun on their own.

Kids love when they can create something on their own. It is a fun painting project that kids can do just about any time of the year but makes a great spring painting.

Easy Art Project: Paper Roll Flowers - 3Dinosaurs.com

It is a simple activity and does not require much but make great flower prints. It also could be done on a big roll of paper outside for even more fun.

What you need for the craft:

  • 7 paper rolls
  • string or yarn
  • paper plate
  • paper
  • paints
Paper Roll Flowers

Tie a string or yarn around the paper rolls to help it hold its shape. You could also use masking tape to secure it again. You put a paper roll in the center and put six around the outside to make the flower.

Paper Roll Flowers

Move the paint around on the paper plate with the paper rolls. Do a circle type pattern so that get paint all over the ends of the paper rolls.

Paper Roll Flowers

Then stamp the paper over and over to make beautiful flowers.

Paper Roll Flowers
Paper Roll Flowers

You can also use the finished product to make wrapping paper. It is a great project for using household items to make artwork.

Here is a look at the finished art work:

 Paper Roll Flowers

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9 Responses to Easy Art Project: Paper Roll Flowers

  1. Erin says:

    Oh how fun!! We are just finishing up a flower unit…I wonder if we can use up a bunch of toilet paper in time to do this!

  2. What an ingenious idea for toilet paper tubes! Stamping is so much fun for kids!

  3. How cute! We’ve done stamping with TP tubes, but I never thought to make flowers out of them! Thanks for linking up to the Kids Co-Op!

  4. Roopa says:

    My daughter loves stamping and Love your idea of bundling TP rolls!! I have featured this post today on my blog here. http://www.puttiprapancha.com/2012/05/stamping-activities-kids-co-op.html

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