10+ Place Value Printables

Place value is the value of the number and where it belongs. There are many ways that place value is used in math. You start off with basic numbers and work to more complex numbers.

It can be a challenge for kids and parents to work on. But luckily there are many ways to work on it.

I have gathered up all my place value printables in one easy place for you to find them.

10 + Place Value Printables - fun printables and activities that you can do for place value with cards, mats and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

What is Place Value

The dictionary says that place value is the numerical value that a digit has by virtue of its position in a number.

That sounds really complicated but it is not. Each number digit has a value based on where it is. So if I have the number 24. Then the 2 is in the tens place and the 4 is in the ones place. It is super easy once you understand what each place value is.

There are several terms used in place value: standard, value, expanded, and picture

Take the same number above standard is 24.

Expanded would be 20+4.

The value would be 2 tens, 4 ones.

And the picture would be drawing a picture to represent the numbers. So you have 2 groups of 10s and the 4 small individual groups.

But all these ways still are the same number 24.

We start learning the basics of place value in first grade and work to more complicated numbers in fourth or fifth grade. The best part is that you build on what you learn in each grade.

Things to use with these Place Value Printabes

Place Value Mats Printables

This is where you will find different types of mats that work with place value.

Free Place Value Mats & Cards - charts and cards for place value from ones to billions with tenths, hundredths and thousandths for decmials - 3Dinosaurs.com #freeprintable #handsonmath #mathprintables #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade

Learning with Place Value Mats & Cards is a fun way to work on place value and their numbers. They go from ones to the billions. Each has 3 sets of columns for building numbers.

Apple Themed Place Value Activity has place value mats with apple cards and number to build numbers on the mats.

Place Value Mats for Addition & Subtraction is a look at how you can use place value to work on addition and subtraction.

Place Value Mats for Multiplication & Division is a hands-on way to use place value to work on math. You can see how division and multiplication work with place value.

Ocean Fish Rounding by Place Value is a fun hands-on rounding mat with ocean fish rounding by the place value of the number. Three sets of place values are included.

Pumpkin Spin & Write Place Value comes with four place value mats in color and black and white and five spinners to use with the place value mats.

Place Value Cards & Bookmarks

This is where you will find place value cards, place value bookmarks, place Value puzzles, and place value clip cards.

Free Place Value Bookmarks - for ones through hundred billion - 3Dinosaurs.com

Place Value Bookmarks are great for seeing how the numbers grow with each place value. They go from ones to hundred billions.

There is also a selling version that has the number word written to match the digit.

Earth Day Themed Place Value Arrow Cards are a great way to work on place value! They can have fun building numbers.

Christmas Themed Place Value Arrow Cards has place value presents for kids to make the numbers. Building numbers is lots of fun.

Planet & Spaceship Place Value Sorting is a great way for people to work on what the place value is of a number.

Halloween Themed Place Value Clip Cards has 3 levels to work on building and clipping numbers.

Pirate Themed Place Value Task Cards has kids asking what is the place value of a number. There are 12 cards and a recording sheet for you to use.

Penguin Place Value Matching is a creative way to match numbers in standard and expanded form.

Scarecrow Place Value Puzzles is a great way to match place value numbers with two fun puzzles.

Place Value Worksheets & Books Printables

Free Place Value Games - a fun game style to work on place value for tens and ones or hundreds, tens, and ones  with two board options and recording sheets - 3Dinosaurs.com  #3dinosaurs #secondgrade #firstgrade #placevalue #handsonmath #freeprintable

Math Place Value Games is super easy game you can place with two levels of play.

Christmas Place Value Printable has kids working on building numbers different ways with standard, expanded, and picture.

Easy Reader: My Place Value Book is a great easy reader book for kids to see how number change with each place value.

You can also check out this fun Place value Game from The Measured Mom.

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10 + Place Value Printables - fun printables and activities that you can do for place value with cards, mats and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

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