50+ Bookmark Printables: Learning to Read, Preschool, Math and Reading

There are a lot of learning tools that I just love and bookmarks are one of them for sure!

Over the years I have made many different types of bookmark printables. And I love that you can use them in many different ways.

Today I have gathered all my bookmarks in one fun place! That means all the preschool age, learning to read, math and more!

50+ Bookmark Printables: Learning to Read, Preschool, Math and Reading - Easy to use bookmarks for learning and reading with various levels of learning in the different themes and types - 3Dinosaurs.com

Bookmarks are very flexible in how you use them. You can put any subject on them and use them as an easy to flip through activity. And we do that a lot at our house.

Bookmarks take up little space compared to wall cards. I love that I can also put in a bookmark into a book for help with reading or anything else. We love bookmarks!

Items most used with our bookmarks

There are just some of the items we use. You can always print them how you want. You can use some or all but a lot of these we use all the time.

Learning to Read Bookmarks

I have a lot of fun learning to read bookmarks. Any new bookmarks with this theme will be added here! I’m always looking for new bookmarks to make so keep an eye out for more of them.

CVC Word Family Bookmarks are great for working on CVC words from a list. You can also check out the CVC Beginning Sound Bookmarks

CVCC Word Family Bookmarks has several sets of the CVCC words with 4 bookmarks per page. There is also a selling set that has a teacher print version of the bookmarks.

CVCe Word Family Bookmarks has 34 CVCe words family bookmarks in single and teacher print.

Blends Bookmarks has two versions with a short vowel and then longer words.

As a heads up the CVC, CVCC, CVCe and Blends bookmarks can current to bought together in a Learning to Read Bookmark bundle. This is a growing bundle so any other ELA bookmarks will go into it.

Preprimer Sight Word Coloring Bookmarks are a great way to work on sight words. They can color the word on the bookmark. You can get more coloring options in the selling set. You can also get Primer and First Grade as well.

Math Bookmarks

You will find all the math help bookmarks here. I’ve made several types of bookmarks and helps for different levels of math. It is always fun to have something else to help learn with.

The Skip Counting Bookmarks work on numbers 1 to 12 and skip counting 12 times on each bookmarks. If you are looking for more options on skip counting check out the full Skip Counting Bookmark Selling Set that has 1 to 15 plus other fun numbers like 25, 100, and 1000.

You can also check out the Skip Counting Number Line Bookmarks. They are handy to use when you want to see the numbers differently.

Multiplication Bookmarks has multiplication for 1 to 12. There is a selling set that has 1 to 12 or 1 to 15 in single print and teacher print.

Multiplication Practice Bookmarks are loads of fun to use and great to working on multiplication practice.

Division Bookmarks has division for 1 to 12. There is also a selling set that has 1 to 15 in single print and teacher print.

Place Value Bookmarks has from ones to to 100 billion numbers for kids to use. Plus there is a selling set that has the number words for each number plus decimals.

Fraction Bookmarks has several sets of fractions for kids to learn with from 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12

Fractions, Decimals, & Percents Bookmarks show you the relationship between the three types of numbers.

3D Shape Bookmarks are great to learn the names of the 3D shapes.

Subtraction Bookmarks has all the ways to do subtraction from a number. They have from 1 to 20 in the set.

Addition Bookmarks are like the subtraction that they have all the ways to add up to a number from 1 to 20. There is also a selling version of the addition bookmarks that has different addition options.

Preschool & Kindergarten Bookmarks

These are all the preschool and kindergarten age bookmarks. I find that these work great for little hands when you are working on something.

ABC Bookmarks has uppercase and lowercase letter. Plus one picture and word to match the letter.

Number Bookmarks are a great way to count from 1 to 20. Plus they are so easy to hold in your hand.

Color Bookmarks has color word and picture for the color they are working on.

Shape Bookmarks lets you work on shape name and shape.

Information Bookmarks

These bookmarks have some information you can use about the subject. You will find varions helps in them. They can make learning fun.

Museum Search Bookmarks are great for looking for items in museums. It is a fun way to explore different art types.

Nativity Themed Bookmarks with Scriptures has a set of scriptures to read and matching pictures.

Phases of the Moon Bookmarks has information about the phases of the moon. There is also a sheet to track the phases as well.

Planet Information Bookmarks are great for having information about the planets. It has a set filled out and a set to fill out.

Dinosaur Information Bookmarks are fun to learn about 7 dinosaurs in a easy to bookmark format. You have a set filled out and a set to fill out.

Holiday & Seasonal Bookmarks

These are fun seasonal bookmarks to put in books. They have various seasons and are all fun to use.

Fall Bookmarks for Kids has themes for apples, pumpkins and Halloween. All great for keeping track of your place in a book.

Trick or Treat Themed Bookmarks are great to pass out during Halloween.

Thanksgiving Themed Bookmarks have some fun turkey and pilgrims.

Countdown To Christmas Bookmarks with 4 themes for use with kids> Christmas tree, Santa, Baby Jesus, and angel.

Christmas Themed Bookmarks are great for keeping your place in books during Christmas.

Winter Themed Bookmarks has loads of fun winter themes for kids to use.

Valentines Themed Bookmarks are great for keeping place in your books. You could also gives these as Valentines.

St. Patrick’s Day Bookmarks has 8 fun bookmarks to use to keep track in yoru books.

Easter Themed Bookmarks has 8 fun Easter egg and Easter bunny themed bookmarks.

Spring Themed Bookmarks has 12 fun bookmarks with rain, rainbows, puddles, kites and more spring themes.

Earth Day Themed Bookmarks has 12 fun bookmarks about recycle, trees and more.

Summer Reading Bookmarks are a great way to keep track of your reading during the summer. They have several ways to do it!

Summer Sports Bookmarks are fun to see the different types of summer sports you can do.

Summer Bookmarks for keeping your place in a book during the summer!

Reading Themed Bookmarks

These are a collection of themed bookmarks that you can use with kids. They vary in number and type. These are all great bookmarks to keep track of where you are in a book.

Ocean Themed Bookmarks has 12 fun bookmarks to encourage reading with kids.

Bug Themed Bookmarks has 8 bookmarks for keepign track of your place in a book.

Transportation Themed Bookmarks is a great collection for those that love cars trucks and planes.

Pirate Bookmarks are great summer bookmarks or work great for Talk like a Pirate day!

If you are older you might like the dinosaur chapter bookmarks These are great for keep track of chapters or pages you are on.

Other type of bookmarks

This is the random and odd bookmarks that just don’t fit in the other sections.

Homework Punch Bookmark Cards are great for older kids and tracking their homework.

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