Free Early Reading Printables with BOB Books

There are many different easy reader books that kids can start with. I have always loved BOB Books For their easy to use to work with books.

The books each have skills that build on each other to make their great books to use.

Now you can find all the printables that I’ve made to go with the books. These are great things to work use with the book the build on the early learning to read skills.

Early Reading Printables with BOB Books - with loads of printables and activities to use with the book. -

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

So what is BOB Books?

It is a set of beginner reader books for kids to use. It starts off with simple and easy words and sounds for kids to learn to read.

Then you work into more advanced books.

Each of the book sets offers some new reading skills that kids can use to grow their reading ability. The books grow in each other and provide new ways to learn with each new book series you do.

I have provided printables that work with the book to help kids learn.

Items to use with the BOB Book Printables

These are just a few of the items that we use with the BOB Books printables. How you use them may vary.

Below you can find the links for each of the BOB Books sets that I have printables for. There is how to use guides for some of the books plus a list of materials you can use with the books.

Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers

Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers has very basic and begging learning information. You will find a lot of fun activities in this for the basic start of learning CVC and basic sight words.

The learning to read printables include: Word Paths, Read Write & Stamp, and Making BOB Book Words

Here are some hands on learning activities using the Early Reader Printables from BOB Books Set 1.

Bob Books Set 2-Advancing Beginners

Bob Books Set 2-Advancing Beginnersbuilds on what kids learn is set 1.

What you will find in these printables: Vowel Word Paths, Read Write & Stamp, Making BOB Book Words, Write a Sentence with the Word, Which One is Different, Color the Sight Word, and Cube Flashcards. All the words from the books are used.

Bob Books Set 3- Word Families

Bob Books Set 3- Word Families was about word families. This was a great start to expand and learn some things by vowel sound as well.

In this set of printables, your will find: Vowel Word Paths, Read Write & Stamp, Making BOB Book Words, Write a Sentence with the Word, Color as You Read, Color the Sight Word, Tally Mark as you read, Rhyming Word matching and Cube Flashcards.

Bob Books Set 4 – Complex Words

Bob Books Set 4 – Complex Words is all about Blends and how they are used in words. Some come at the start and some come at the end.

In this set of printables you will find: Blends Playdough Mats, Read Write Stamp & Write a Sentence, Making BOB Book Words, Tally Mark as you read, and Cube Flashcards

Bob Books Set 5- Long Vowels

Bob Books Set 5- Long Vowels starts with some of the CVCE and vowel combinations.

Some of the printables you will find in this set: Read, Write & Stamp the Word with Write a Sentence with the Word, Draw Picture and Write a Sentence, CH Blends Playdough Mats, CH Word Ladders, Word Tally, Making Words Matching, Color the Words, Cube Flash Cards, Answer the Questions plus extra 2 for each page.

Also check out This Reading Mama’s Round up of her printables from Set 5.

Bob Books: Rhyming Words

Bob Books: Rhyming Words is about rhyming words within one word family. These work well with the books or without the books. This book set goes great after BOB Books Set 1.

You are going to find: 3 Part Cards, Read, Write & Stamp, Word Family Wall card & Word Family Ladder, Playdough Mat, Sorting Words, Making Words, Color as you Read, Cube Flash Cards, Writing Sentences, Dot the Word Family Words, Word Family Word Path

Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten

The Bob Books Sight Words: Kindergarten printables can be used with or with the books. You work on 3 sight words at a time.

They have the following pages: Read, Write, Stamp, Cut & Paste, Playdough Mat with Tracing, Making Words, Cube Flash Cards, Graph the sight Word, Writing Sentences, Dot the Sight Words Words. This set is meant to be use after or between set 2 & 3.

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