10+ Fun and Easy To Do Paper Roll Activities

If you are stuck at home these are some super fun and simple idea to do with paper rolls! We have done a few over the years and you can be creative with them!

You have some activities and crafts you and do with the rolls! I’m so excited to share these fun ideas with you.

Fun and Easy to do Paper Roll Activities - over 10 ideas you can do with paper rolls of various sizes. These activities are great for Earth Day - 3Dinosaurs.com

Now, most of these are super simple and yet fun. It is great to be creative with stuff you already have. I know that some times you don’t have a lot of time and this is one easy way to do an activity.

Things you need for these paper roll activities

The Paper Roll Activityes

There are the paper activities I have below. I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll be adding more in!

Pompom Paper Roll Catapult is a super fun activity that is easy to make and use. This is a project that takes only a few minutes to make and do.

Paper Roll Flowers are a fun flower you can make with paper rolls. You can use this project to make some fun wrapping paper.

Easy To Do Paper Roll Flower Stamping is an easy to make paper roll flower. You can make several types of flowers with the paper rolls.

Paper Roll Stamped Earth for Earth Day is a creative way to make Planet Earth! It is great for a space project or Earth Day.

A fun winter project is the Paper Roll Snowman. You can use the rolls to make a snowman on a big piece of paper. This is a fun project for winter.

These Paper Roll Peacocks are super cute and easy to make.

You can make a fun Apple tree with a paper roll! A great decoration for the fall.

Paper Roll Stamped Fall Tree is a great fall tree craft to make with paper rolls.

Paper rolls always make great Rolling Stamps. We used it to make birds on a wire.

You can have a great gross motor activity with the Paper Roll Gross Motor Dice. It has 6 fun movements to do with paper rolls.

Jack Be Nimble Activity has a great candle jumping activity for kids to try!

For Christmas, you can make an Easy to Make Paper Roll Nativity. Super fun and easy to do!

Check out these other activities you can do at home:

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