41+ Skip Counting Printables & Activities For Kids

Skip counting is something your work on after learning basic counting. And skip counting is one of those math skills that starts early. You start with basic numbers like 2, 5 10 and work into all the numbers.

I have a small collection of skip counting activities and skip counting printables to help you learn to skip count. Each of these ideas is fun and easy to use.

41+ Skip Counting Printables & Activities For Kids - All fun ways to work on skip counting activities with various levels and ideas like skip counting puzzles, skip counting books, skip counting mats and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

What is Skip Counting?

Skip counting is working on adding the same number over and over. You have a pattern of adding or counting.

So if you skip counting by 2s, you have a pattern like, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and so forth. These patterns can be repeated for many numbers.

The most often numbers used are 2 through 12. And that is what these printables work on is numbers 2 through 12 skip counting.

There is a collection of printables on the site like: skip counting worksheets, skip counting puzzles, skip counting clip cards, skip counting cut and paste, skip counting mats, skip counting puzzles and more.

I have divided up the printables into sections below to help you find what you are looking for.

Things to use with the Skip Counting Printables

There are loads of items we have used with these printables. I thought I would highlight a few of the most common ones that we use.

Skip Counting Sets

These are printable set of activities to work on skip counting. They have a mix of hands-on and no-prep skip counting activities for kids.

Snowman Skip Counting Set has skip counting mats, Skip Counting arrow puzzles, worksheets, skip counting number line bookmarks, and task cards to fill out. All with skip counting from 2 to 12

Animals in Winter Skip Counting Set has skip counting mats, no-prep worksheets and an easy reader book. All working on skip counting from 2 to 12.

St. Patrick’s Day Skip Counting Set has skip counting mats, skip counting arrow puzzles, worksheets, skip counting number line bookmarks, and task cards to fill out. All with skip counting from 2 to 12. It is in clover and pot of gold themes.

The Skip Counting Books & Wall Cards These are great to work on ski counting from 1 to 12. You have a book and wall cards for each number.

Skip Counting Worksheets

A lot of these worksheets are no-prep or low prep activities that you can do with kids. They vary in how far they skip count.

Free Skip Counting 2 to 12 No-Prep Worksheet - 11 pages of skip counting printables from 2 to 12 for kids to fill in the number and color the numbers - 3Dinosaurs.com #firstgrade #secondgrade #skipcounting #freeprintable #kindergarten #printablesforkids

Easy activity to do with Skip Counting Cut & Paste. You have a choice of 1 to 12 or 1 to 15 with this worksheet.

You can work on skip counting from 1 to 10 with the skip counting printable. It comes in two types with coloring and already colored in.

Skip Counting 2 to 12 No-Prep Worksheet works on skip counting 2 to 12 and you skip count at least 12 times with 150 chart to fill in.

The Skip Counting Dice is a fun dice to roll and then skip count. Plus has a recording worksheet to use with it.

Gingerbread Themed Skip Counting Cut & Paste is a fun seasonal activity for kids to work on skip counting.

Flower Themed Skip Counting Activity has writing out the skip counting and then finding them in a number find.

There is also Christmas Themed Find that is similar to Flower Find. You work on numbers 2 to 12.

Skip Counting Hands On Learning, Mats, Task Cards & Strips

There are all skip counting activity that work on building skip counting knowledge from hands-on, skip counting on and matching activities.

Free Skip Counting Apple Trees: Color or Black and white options  - 3Dinosaurs.com

The Skip Counting Apple Tree was one of the first skip counting mats that I made. You have the skip counting numbers mixed up on each tree. Loads of fun for kids to find the numbers.

You can have fun with kids that love the fish and have them use the Skip Counting Fish. They have numbers 1 to 12 on them.

The Winter Skip Counting Tracks is a great for finger-walking while skip counting. It has skip counting from 1 to 12.

Flower Skip Counting Mats is 12 fun skip counting mats for kids to learn with. It has numbers 1 to 12.

The Skip Counting: Bus Theme Task Cards is a fun way to work on skip counting. You can use them as wall cards or just fill out the bus task cards.

If you are looking to counting strips the Space Theme Skip Counting Strips are great! They have some numbers at the start and then you fill in the rest. They work on numbers 1 to 12 with 6 options for each number.

There is also a fun Fall Skip Counting Strips you can check out as well.

There is also some great Heart Skip Counting Strips. They skip count forward and backward from 1 to 12.

Around Christmas time the Christmas Skip Counting Clip Cards are great! They allow you to see what is the missing number.

If you want something to help out the numbers in order. Then use the Skip Counting Tile Printables. They skip count from 1 to 12 for each number.

Another fun interactive learning activity is the Skip Counting Spider Webs! You can have fun weaving a web while skip counting.

Skip Counting Wall Card, Bookmarks and Floor Cards

These are all things that can be used to help kids remember their skip counting numbers. They are super easy to use. There is a mix of cards, bookmarks and help desks ideas.

Free Skip Counting Bookmarks- skip counting by 2 through 12 - 3Dinosaurs.com

The Skip Counting Bookmarks has always been one of my favorite activities! They are simple and easy to use. They go from 1 to 12. But if you are looking for more bookmarks that skip count you can grab the Skip Counting Bookmark Selling Set. It has extra bookmarks plus ones for 100, 25 and more.

One of the newer printables on the site is the Skip Counting Desk Help & Number Line Bookmarks. The help desk is great for math help plus the number line bookmarks have become a favorite on the site.

If you want to help something up for skip counting. They check out the Skip Counting Wall Cards. They are fun to see on the wall.

the Skip Counting Floor Printables are great cards to get kids skip counting and moving. They have 1 to 12 for each with a fun frog theme.

Skip Counting Puzzles

Puzzles have always been a favorite of mine since my girls were little. These puzzles are a great hands-on way to work on numbers while doing a puzzle. I have sorted them by numbers

Free Hands-On Learning With Zoo Skip Counting By 3 Puzzles - work on skip counting by 3 with these fun puzzles - 3Dinosaurs.com

Skip Counting by 2
There is only one skip counting by 2 puzzles. It is a Winter Themed Skip Counting Puzzle. You have 4 puzzles to work on.

Snowman Skip Counting By 2 Puzzles are arrow puzzles that show skip counting from 2 to 24.

Skip Counting by 3

The Zoo Skip Counting By 3 Puzzles is my favorite. I just love the animals in the puzzles. And I really liked it so much I made a full set of them. You can grab all the Zoo themed skip counting puzzles for 1 to 12.

Skip Counting by 5
The Space Skip Counting by 5 Puzzles is a fun one. I know that space can be used all year and this makes it fun to use. You can use 4 puzzles to keep learning those skip counting by 5.

St Patrick’s Day Puzzles is another skip counting by 5. Five is often the most requested number that I get.

The Camping Skip Counting Puzzles is another summer-themed puzzle that kids can use. I love that you can have so many great themes to use.

Skip Counting by 6
I think that we often look for my fun ways of learning in the summer because the Summer Skip Counting Puzzle is the third summer-themed puzzle. This one works on 6s.

St Patrick’s Day Skip Counting By 6 Puzzles are arrow puzzles that show skip counting from 6 to 72.

Skip Counting by 7
Football Skip Counting by 7 Puzzles is great for working on skip counting by 7s. You have football themes for the puzzles.

Skip Counting by 8
The Candy Themed Skip Counting by 8 Puzzles is great for Halloween or valentines. But really candy works well all year long. Each of the puzzles works on skip counting by 8s.

Skip Counting by 10

There is only one skip counting by 10 it is the Ocean Themed Skip Counting by 10 Puzzles. I love that each puzzle is a fun ocean animal.

Skip Counting Easy Reader Books

I love having books to help kids learn with. I know that no child learns the same way. And books can help with that.

Free Skip Counting by 2 Apple Book - an easy book to work on groups of numbers by 2 - 3Dinosaurs.com

For the fall you have a Skip Counting by 2 Apple Book. You work through skip counting on each page and see the apples in groups add up plus a repeat addition at the bottom.

The second fall ball easy reader book. It is the Scarecrow Skip Counting by 5s Easy Reader Book. It is the same as the skip apple book but has skip counting by 5s.

The third fall easy reader book is Leaves in a tree skip counting by 7s. You have the same as the books about with skip counting and repeat addition.

Heart Skip Counting by 8 Easy Reader Book has a heart and Valentine theme for the skip counting. You can work through the skip counting on each page and see the hearts add up.

Another easy reader book is the Monsters Skip Counting Easy Reader Book. It has skip counting by 10. Loads of fun for Halloween or any time fo the year.

Now if you love the book above there is a full set of these books you can grab. It is the Skip Counting Books & Wall Cards. You have similar books with matching wall cards you can use with the books.

41+ Skip Counting Printables & Activities For Kids - All fun ways to work on skip counting with various levels and ideas to work on learning skip counting - 3Dinosaurs.com

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