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Skip counting is something that is great for kids to learn. This gives them a great head start on multiplication. There are so many different ways you can practice skip counting. We have been trying to vary it up as much as possible to make it fun rather than a chore to learn and memorize the skip counting.

I have put out several different ways to practice skip counting now. This is really so we have a few different things for us to work on. Who wants to do the same activity over and over. By putting them all together you have many different ways to work on your skip counting.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

One way that we use these skip counting dice is to put the writing paper in a sheet protectors and use a dry erase markers. This allows us to reuse the paper several times. I like to use the photo dice because this allows me to mix up the numbers. I will also use the Skip Counting Wall Cards printed all on one page to help out when we are first starting.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

The fun part is that you can switch up the numbers or maybe you got the same number again. You can do this activity as many times as you want. Maybe write the numbers down one time and the next roll you say them out loud. You can do this so many different ways.

Another way to change this up would be to use two photo dice and put one with the skip counting in it and use the second dice with the writing practice number dice. You roll the skip counting dice and see what number you will be using. Then roll the writing practice number dice to see how many times you will do your skip counting. Or you could use a dice in dice to get number 2 through 12.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

Another fun way to use these is to just put the cube dice cards on a 1 inch ring and just pulled one out at random and do the skip counting.

This also makes a great way to store them between using them.

Free Skip Counting Dice -

What you will find in these Skip Counting Dice printables:

  • Number 2 through 12
  • 6 pages of printables
  • 2 different pages for recording you skip counting
  • Photo Dice Cards
  • Printable Dice
Free Skip Counting Dice - numbers 2 to 12 -

Things we plan on using with these skip counting dice printables:

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  2. Ashley says:

    This looks like a fun way to get them practicing!

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  4. Turn math practice into a game and it turns into a fun time!

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  7. Annyce True says:

    I am having trouble printing your skip counting activity. Can you please email me a copy.

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