19+ Torn Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper crafts are always fun for kids to do. Torn paper crafts are super simple and don’t cost a lot of money to make.

I have gathered up all my fun torn paper crafts on the site to give you a few ideas of what you could make.

These are great fine motor building skill crafts that kids find fun to do!

19+ Torn Paper Crafts for Kids - fun fine motor crafts you can do all year long. 3Dinosaurs.com

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What is a torn paper craft?

A torn paper craft is a craft where kids tear off pieces of paper to make the craft.

You can use construction paper, scrapbook paper, or any type of paper to make the crafts.

The torn paper crafts can be seasonal and not seasonal for kids to do!

The torn paper crafts are divided up below between fall, spring, Christmas, summer, and other themes.

Each of the paper crafts is super simple to make with easy to follow directions. And most times just need paper and glue!

Things to use with the Torn Paper Crafts

You will find links to Amazon below. This is to make it easier for you to find the products that we use most with the torn paper crafts.

Fall Torn Paper Crafts

You are going to find several fun torn paper crafts that you can use with kids for the fall. You have fall trees, apples and more.

Torn Scrap Book Paper Apple Trees  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Torn Paper Fall Tree is a great fine motor crafts with fall colors of red, orange and yellow to make a fall tree.

Torn Paper Fall Mountains Craft is a great fall craft that you can do with kids. A simple torn paper activity with scrapbook paper.

Torn Paper Sunflowers is a super fun torn paper craft that we made. You can make almost anything with torn paper.

Torn Paper Apple Trees is a great apple tree with red paper, green paper, blue paper and brown paper.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Apple Trees is making an apple tree out of scrapbook paper. It is super simple and easy to make!

Torn Scrapbook Paper Apple is a great idea to make apples with different colors of read scrapbook paper. You can make it look really cool with the different types of paper.

Christmas Torn Paper Crafts

Torn Scrapbook Paper Holly Wreath is a super simple wreath with torn paper and a paper plate. It is simple to put together and great for Christmas.

Spring Torn Paper Crafts

You have several different paper crafts. You are going to find rainbows, trees, and flowers.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Rainbow - fun and easy craft for different ages to work on together with work on fine motor skills  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Torn Paper Truffula Trees is a great craft to go with the book the Lorax. You can make fun colorful Truffula trees with all sorts of different paper.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Rainbow is a fun idea to make a rainbow. It is super simple to set up and make. And you only need 6 colors of paper.

Torn Paper Flowers is another great spring torn paper craft to make. You can have several flowers or just one flower on the paper.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Spring Tree is a geat tree made from scrapbook paper. It is a great took to use with loads of different colors and textures for the trees.

Summer Torn Paper Crafts

You are going to see several different torn paper crafts that will fit into summer. You will find that torn paper crafts work great for fine motor.

Torn Paper Moutains - easy to do craft - 3Dinosaurs.com

Torn Paper Nature Scene is easy to make nature seen for any nature craft. You have mountains and trees and other parts of the outdoors.

Torn Paper Mountains is a simple scene you can make that has different colors of mountains in layers that make it super fun.

Torn Paper Ice Cream Cone is a simple icecream craft for kids to make.

Paper Plate Lion is a great lion craft with torn paper and a paper plate. It is funt mix up how you use the crafts.

Torn Paper Ant Hills With Fingerprint Ants is one of the most popular torn paper crafts on my site. And this is great for a bug theme!

Other Torn Paper Crafts

There are other great torn paper crafts that might not make up into just one of the areas above.

Torn Paper Planets - fun fine motor space craft for kids to make - 3Dinosaurs.com

Torn Paper Planets is super fun for kids to make their own planet with scrapbookpaper and see what they can create.

Torn Paper Olympic Rings is a great fine motor activity for the Olympic rings or make your own Olympic flag.

Torn Paper Torch is a simple torch made with different colors for the Olympics.

Glitter Olympic Torch Craft with Torn Paper Art is similar to the torn paper torch but uses glitter paper for the torch and makes it shinny.

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