59+ Apple Activities & Printables For Kids

I know that I like having a fun collection of activities to do with different themes. One of our favorite themes if apples for the fall.

I have put all my apple activities and printables in one place to make it easy for you to find them. It has a mix of no-prep printables, hands-on printables, arts & crafts, sensory bins, and more.

This collection of apples is a great way to help you find activities for autumn.

59+ Apple Activities For the Fall: crafts, sensory bins, hands-on activities, printables and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

Things to use with these apples printables and activities

I always get asked what we use with the printables and crafts and these are the most common items that we use with them.

I have arranged these by different types of printables and activities. They are easy to find and use.

Apple Printables

This has a collection of themed packs with ages 2 to 10 for some of the activities. Plus there are single printables for math and language you will find here. You are going to find themed packs, ABCs, learning to read, writing, numbers, math and more.

40+ Apple Activities from 3 Dinosaurs: crafts, sensory bins, hands-on activities, printables and more

Apple Themed Printable Packs

No-Prep & Hands-On Apple Themed Weekly Packs for Prek, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade. Each pack has 5 days of printables with a no-prep and hands-on pack for them to use.

No-Prep Johnny Appleseed Themed Weekly Packs for Prek, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade. Each pack has 5 days of printables with a no-prep and hands-on pack for them to use.

Apple Activity Pack: Prewriting, ABCs, Shapes, and Numbers is a great pack with matching activities that work together for each area. It has a mix of no-prep, easy reader books, clip cards, and tracing cards. This is a great apple printable for kindergarten.

Apple Activities Pack has over 60 pages of activities and was made to go with the book The Apple Pie Tree. This is a great apple printable for preschool.

Apple Pack Update: Math Activities was made for kids ages 5 to 10. It has math for Kindergarten 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. Plus some fun number counting as well. It has 58 pages of activities. This goes well with the original Apple Pack.

Apple Pack Update: Language Activities has some fun language activities for ages 4 to 10. It covers various topics for PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade. Fun apple words, writing, sorting, and hands on activities. It has 50 pages of activities This goes well with the original Apple Pack.

Johnny Appleseed Pack has over 75 pages of activities with print and cursive options. It is great for kids ages 2 to 10.

Apple Math Printables

You are going to find many different types of math in these printables. You can have fun using these with your learning.

Free Skip Counting by 2 Apple Book - an easy book to work on groups of numbers by 2 - 3Dinosaurs.com

Apple Themed Multiplication & Division has a collection of hands-on and no prep activities to work on your math facts.

Apple Daily Numbers & Math work great with the calendar pages for kids to use.

No-Prep Apple Themed Math Packs for addition and subtraction or multplication and division with 30 pages for each.

Skip Counting Apple Trees are a great way to practice your skip counting and multiplication. This is a great first grade and second grade apple printable.

Fall Themed Skip Counting Strips: Apples & Pumpkins has four skip counting strips for each theme. You have two skip counting strips forward and two backward. This is a great apple printables for second grade and first grade.

Apple Multiplication Cut & Paste has multiplication from 1 to 12 with apples and apple trees. this is a great apple printable for third grade.

Roll An Apple Tree has three levels of learning: counting, adding and multiplication. You can use this for several grade levels.

Apple Themed Addition & Subtraction Mats are fun hands on maths for math activities. This is a great apple printable for first grade and kindergarten.

Apple Themed Place Value Set is a hands on learning set for place value from ones to hundred billion. This is a great second gradw math prinable.

Apple Long Division Sorting Activity is a hands-on sorting activity while working on long division. This is a great one for fourth to sixth grade.

Apple Themed Double Digit Addition Puzzles is two puzzles working on double digit addition for second and third graders.

Apple Roll & Graph Math For Addition & Multiplication is a fun way to work on math facts for kids! 2 versions for addition and multiplication.

Skip Counting by 2 Apple Book is a fun easy reader book with skip counting by 2.

Apple Skip Counting Activities: 2 to 12 is a great apple skip counting pack with loads of activities to do with skip counting.

Apple Time Matching Cards has matching on the hour for kids to learn.

Apple Number Printables

You are going to find different apple themed number printables. They are things to make things fun!

Free Apple Number Counting Book - numbers 0 to 10 in an easy to print easy reader book for kids - 3Dinosaurs.com

Apple Dot the Number & Count the Dots is a great hands-on mat or no-prep activity with counting.

Apple Themed Counting Mats: Number 1 to 10 are fun hand on counting mats.

Apple Counting mats 1 to 20 with 4 variations on the mats to use with kids.

Apple Tree Counting Easy Reader Book is a great book for counting from 0 to 10.

Apple Themed Ten Frame activities has numbers 1 to 20 with no-prep worksheets, easy reader books and hands on activities.

Apple Themed Number Tracing Strips are great number tracing strips that kids can use to work on learning numbers from 0 to 20.

Apple Shape Printables

Fun Hand-On Apple Shape Sorting Printable is an easy sorting activity with 4 shapes to work on.

Apple Learn To Read and Writing Printables

These have all the different learning to read areas, apple easy reader books, and apple writing activities for apples. Each one is fun and different printable to learn with.

Apple Themed CVC Word Family Activities - wall charts, sorting mats, and writing activities  - 3Dinosaurs.com

Apple Themed CVC Word Family Activities are great for the Fall for working on your words and sorting.

Apple Sight Word Activities: Finds, Playdough Mats, Tracing Strips, Cards, and Puzzles. This is a FULL set of sight word printables that all have an apple theme. A geat way to work on sight words during the fall.

Apple Themes Sight Word Cards has all the Dolch sight words and nouns with read, write, and build mats.

Apple Themed Easy Reader Books has 6 different apple books to pick from plus word charts and more.

Apple Writing Prompts has 8 great pages for kids to draw and write about apples.

Fun Apple Tic-Tac-Toe Writing Prompts are great for older kids to work on different writing ideas for apples.

Apple themed finds for Sight words are fun and eays to use.

Making Apple Pie Sequencing Clip Cards & Fall Sequencing Set is a great set of cards, worksheets and easy reader books for fall.

Making Applesauce Sequencing Set is another great apple printable for learning about cooking applesauce.

Apple Color Easy Reader Book & Clip Cards is a great way to work on 11 colors words for kids. Plus you can get a whole Apple Color Pack!

Apple ABC Printables

All the fun apple ABC printables that you can use with kids!

Free Romping & Roaring A Pack; A is for Apple - with 47 pages of activities for kids to work on learning the letter A with prewriting, puzzles, tracing, coloring, dot markers letters and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

The Romping & Roaring A Pack has a great apple theme for it. There are 47 pages of Letter A activities.

Apple ABC themed finds are a great no-prep printable for working on uppercase and lowercase ABCs

Apple Themed ABC Find is great for working on uppercase and lowercase letters.

Apple Theme ABC Tracing Strips has all 26 letters of the alphabet for kids to trace with uppercase and lowercase letters together.

Other Apple Printables

Free Fall Dot Markers: Apple, Leaf & Pumpkin - 2 page options for each of the fall themes - 3Dinosaurs.com

Apple Calendar Set is great for learning numbers and for the month. There are calendar cards and calendar pages.

Fall Pack Extra: Dot Markers has a fun Apple Dot Marker Page.

Apple Activities Pack Add On! was a small pack I made for Free Homeschool Deals.

5 Days of Red, Green and Yellow Apple Printable Fun! is a collection of apple printables from Royal Baloo, JDaniel4’s Mom and 3 Dinosaurs!

Other Apple Printables from other sites:

Apple Hands on Learning and Arts & Crafts

There are so many fun activities that you can do with apples! We have certainly had fun over the years with them. You are going to find sensory bins, hands-on activities crafts, and more!

35+ Apple Activities from 3 Dinosaurs: crafts, sensory bins, hands-on activities, printables and more

Apple Craft Activities

Finger Prints Apples Check out a fun way we used one of the printables. We did the color by size with our fingerprints.

Easy To Make Apple Themed Wreath is a simple wreath that kids can make for the fall with an apple theme.

Glitter Apple Wreath is a simple apple craft project that kids can do.

Yarn Apples are fun and simple to make plus have some good fine motor skills.

Yarn Apple Trees are fun to make with your kids. You can always change up the color of the apples as well!

Torn Paper Apple Trees are fun and great for working on the fine motor. You can have them tear up the paper or you do it. Plus they can make their tree how every they want.

Apple Button Tree is fun project to see just what kids will create.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Apple is a craft that I did with my girls.

Fine Motor Craft: Model Magic Apples is a fun way to make an apple.

Fine Motor Craft: Torn Scrapbook Paper Apple Trees is a great apple tree activity that kids can do. It is a great fine motor activity as well.

Model Magic Apple Tree is a cute way to make a tree using modle magic. One of our favorite craft materials.

Apple Painting Activities

Fun Apple Trees: Watercolor and Oil Pastels are a fun painting project using two different types of art porjects together.

Apple Cookie Cutter Painting is a fun project to do with kids! They have tons of fun painting!

Apples Watercolor Process Art is a fun watercolor painting of an apple.

Apple Hands-on Activities

Apple Counting & Math with Water Beads is a great way to see the Apple Math pages in use and how to use them.

Hands On Learning: Apple Counting is a fun way to use the apple printables and do some counting and math.

Apple Sensory Bins

Apple Sensory Bin is a great way to get some hands on learning. You will see counting, patterns and just plan on old sensory playing.

Other Apple Activities:

Apple Books we like

9 Apple Books We Love To Read has all the apple books that we love to read!

50+ Apple Activities For the Fall: crafts, sensory bins, hands-on activities, printables and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

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