14 Books About the American Revolutionary War

I love learning about history. And it is something we should expose kids to as well. We have a fun collection at home of books about the American Revolutionary War.

I have these books because I want them to have access to the information when we are learning about the subject. I have them read a few of these books around the 4th of July. I want them to understand why that date is so important.

Plus these books went so great with the American Revolutionary War Pack.

14 Books about The American Revolutionary War Books - Great books you can read with kids to learn about the history of the American Revolutionary War - 3Dinosaurs.com

There are affiliate links below on Amazon for the books. You can get some additional information and some times a look inside the book there.

George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides is a great read to see the war from both sides. There are fun facts for kids to read about the war.

Did It All Start with a Snowball Fight?: And Other Questions About…The American Revolution (Good Question!) is a great question and answer book about the war. It gives you a great look at all the facts.

If You Lived At The Time Of The American Revolution are fun facts about how life was like back them. It gives kids a good idea of what they would have been doing. Plus you see who the people where and the different size they were on.

Let It Begin Here!: Lexington & Concord: First Battles of the American Revolution (Actual Times) is a story about the whole day of the battle and Lexington and Concord. It has a introduction to what is happening before the events. And the all events from the day. I love the pictures and history it tells.

Paul Reveres Ride is one book with the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Yes it is true that Paul Revere never made it to the end but still a good book to read.

Paul Revere and the Bell Ringers is about young Paul Revere and him starting his own club called the bell ringers. Then later join other club to help gain freedom for the colonies.

If You Were a Kid During the American Revolution are a serities of books that I just love. They show kids what they woud have been doing during that time and how different things are.

American Revolution from A to Z has facts from A to Z about parts of the American Revolutionary War. It provides a fun way to look at each letter and see what it was. I love that a lot of the letters highlight what women did.

Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies is great because it shows all that the women did for the revolution and that it was not just the men that were helping free the colonies.

Abigail Adams: First Lady of the American Revolution has a great story to tell about what she did during the American Revolution. It tells of her writing to her husband to help him still have eyes and ears as to what was going on in the colonies when he was away. There is a fun timeline at the end of the book for kids to read.

Sam the Minuteman tells the story of being a Minuteman and what Sam had to do the day of the battle of Lexington and Concord.

Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag is a easy reader book about history of the American Flag. It has part that takes place during the American Revolution which is why I have it on this list.

Revolutionary War on Wednesday is a great book to get into what happened in part of the American Revolutionary War. I find these books loads of fun for kids to read. Plus they have the Fact Tracker that has more facts about the war.

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