25+ Wreaths Crafts for Kids

Wreath are fun crafts that are easy to make and can make any seasons fun. I thought it would be fun to have all the wreaths in one place!

You will find wreaths below for summer, fall, Christmas, winter, and spring! Each of the wreaths is great for different seasons.

And a lot of the wreaths are great for many different ages to do together.

25+ Wreaths Crafts for Kids - Fun wreaths for fall, summer, winter and spring! Easy to make with fun ideas for each season. 3Dinosaurs.com

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I love that wreaths are not just one season. Kids can make them and add their own part of seasonal decorates to the house.

I love that we can keep them and reuse them or make them again!

Things we have used to make these wreaths

I always get asked what we use and with the crafts and I have here some of the common things we have used.

Summer Themed Wreaths

All of these wreaths are great for summer themes. But some might fit other times as well. You have themes like space, ocean, and the fourth of July.

Red White & Blue Star Paper Plate Wreath for Kids - This is great for the 4th of July, Flag Day or a red white and blue theme and is super easy to make - 3Dinosaurs.com

Night Sky Wreath is a pretty wreath with stars and a moon.

Phases Of the Moon Wreath is a great way to learn the cycle of the moon.

Space Theme Wreath is a great with planets, stars and other space items for a wreath. This is one of my more popular wreaths that we have made.

Red, White, & Blue Star Paper Plate Wreath is great for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day It is super simple and easy to make.

Ocean Themed Wreaths is full of ocean animals and simple wreath to make.

Fall Themed Wreaths

There are so many great themes in fall like apples, pumpkins, leaves, and Halloween. These are all fun to make wreaths for!

Fall Leaf Themed Wreath - fun wreath that kids can make with oil pastels and leaf punches - 3Dinosaurs.com

Apple Themed Wreath is a fun oil pastel apple wreath that is fun to blend colors and make.

Glitter Apple Wreath has some really fun apples that are glitter to make the wreath shine!

Fall Leaf Themed Wreath has oil pastel color leaves on a brown colored paper plate wreath.

Pumpkin Patch Themed Wreath is loads of fun to make with several pumpkins and vines.

Monster Paper Plate Wreath is a super easy wreath that kids can make without to much help.

Washi Tape Halloween Wreath is a great fine motor building activity with different Halloween themed washi tape.

Christmas Themed Wreaths

These are all the fun wreaths we have made for Christmas. I love that they can be simple or hard and that a lot of these can be used for many different ages.

Torn Scrapbook Paper Holly Wreath - a simple and easy fine motor craft for kids to make at Christmas time - 3Dinosaurs.com

Torn Scrapbook Paper Holly Wreath is super easy to make and just uses few simple items. You can do this with any type of paper as well.

Yarn Paper Plate Christmas Wreath is an easy wreath that different ages can work on together.

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath is a great wreath to hang in the window during Christmas!

Washi Tape Wreaths is another great fine motor wreath that kids can make with washi tape!

Christmas Washi Tape Ornament Wreath is a wreath that has washi tape for the ornaments.

Christmas Ornament Wreath has fun oil pastel ornamelts around the paper plate wreath. Super simple and fun to make.

Winter Themed Wreaths

Winter has some fun themes you can use like snowflakes, Valentines, St Patrick’s Day for making fun wreaths.

Snowflake Wreath - a simple snowflake themed wreath you can make in the winter - 3Dinosaurs.com

Snowflake Paper Plate Wreath is a fun falling snowflake activity that kids can do. It is loads of fun for them to punch out the snowflakes for the wreaths. PS it is the picture above!

Valentine Themed Washi Tape Wreaths is another great washi tape wreath. It is fun to pull the tape and tear it for the wreath.

Color Blending Valentines Heart Wreaths is another oil pastel blending activity for kids to do. It is super fun to see the different colors mixed together.

Four Leaf Clover Themed Wreath for St Patrick’s Day has clovers and gold coins for the wreath and is easy to use with different ages.

Spring Themed Wreaths

Flower Themed Paper Plate Wreath: Oil Pastels - fun and easy wreaths to make at any time using flower punches and paper plates - 3Dinosaurs.com

Washi Tape Rainbow Wreaths is a great spring project but would also work well for St. Patrick’s Day as well.

Easter Egg Wreath: Oil Pastels is a great Easter wreath that has Easter eggs around it!

Flower Themed Paper Plate Wreath: Oil Pastels is a FAVORITE for us. We love the flower and how they turned out. Every flower was different and the wreaths looked great!

Washi Tape Flower Wreath is a fine motor activity with punches for the wreath.

Paper Plate Felt Button Flower Wreath is an easy way to do mix and match of flower. They turned out so pretty!

Paper Plate Flower Wreaths is another flower wreath with torn paper and flower! So simple and fun!

Tissue Paper Flower Wreath Craft is making wreaths out of tissue paper flower. Super easy to do!

Watercolor Butterfly Wreaths has cute butterflies that are all different and work great for the wreath. It is a great spring decoration!

Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

25+ Wreaths Crafts for Kids - Fun wreaths for fall, summer, winter and spring! Easy to make with fun ideas for each season. 3Dinosaurs.com

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