59+ Space Activities & Printables For Kids

Here are all the Space Printables & Space Activities for kids! We have loved space activities at our house for a long time. We have done several different projects with it. Space is one you can do over and over at different ages and still find something to do.

There is a wide collection of space printables and activities we have done plus a few links to others as well. You are going to find space printables and space activities in various types.

The main themes are space, planets, rocket ships, constellations, and Star Wars.

59+ Space Activities & Printables for kids - from space printables, space crafts, space gross motor, space sensory bins and lots more space activites- 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

It is always fun to add more space activities every year! It has been one of our favorite themes! Keep track of this page for future space themed printables and activities.

Things to use with these Space themed Printables & Activities

There are just a few of the items we used with these printables and activities.

Space Themed Printables

There are so many different printables I have made for space. You can check them out below. There are themed packs which have a variety of ages and type of work them. There is also math, reading, writing, and other printables. I have a wide range of ages.

It includes all things space which I’ve added in my Star Wars printables as well! It makes it easy to find it all in one spot.

Space Themed Printables - Themed packs, writing, calendars, math and reading - 3Dinosaurs.com

Space Printable Packs

No-Prep Space Themed Weekly Packs – has 6 grade levels with PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, and Fourth Grade. They have five day of printables with 4 page for each day.

Space Pack is a great Tot to Kindergarten pack for kids to learn about the planets. Over 100 pages and includes dot marker pages as well.

Space Activities Pack has 191 pages of prewriting, shapes, ABCs and numbers! It has a mix of no-prep, clip cards, easy reader books and tracing strips for kids to use.

Planets Learning Pack is one the packs on the site that have worksheets for older kids in it. There are fill in learning sheets and more. It has over 90 pages.

Jump In To Summer Learning: Space Week 1 is a great summer learning program that has Tot through 1st Grade included in it.

Star Wars Pack has 65 pages with loads of activities for ages 2 to 8.

Star Wars Pack Update has over 37 new math and language pages to add to the orginal pack.

Space Themed Learning To Read, ABCs & Writing Printables

Space Sequencing Sets -  with clip cards, task cards, no-prep worksheets and easy reader books $ - 3Dinosaurs.com #printablesforkids #sequencingforkids #summerprintables #spaceprintables #tpt #teacherspayteachers

Sequencing Sets for Space Themes: The Planets & The Moon is a great set it has the first moon landing plus a phases of the moon. Both sets are great to have about the moon.

Work on your sight words with these Hands-On Space Themed Sight Word Cards. All 200 Dolch sight words and 95 nouns are included in the set.

Space Theme Star Sight Word Matching Puzzles has all 220 sight words in a two piece puzzles that kids can use to learn their sight words.

Easy to Play Rhyming Planet and Star Matching Game is a fun game to match different types of rhymes form cvc, cvcc and cvce.

Space Themed Hands-On Mat for Making IP Word Family Words has 16 words for kids to build with this fun space themed mat.

Phases of the Moon Bookmark with Journal is a great way to watch the moon and how it cycles around the earth. You have a great journal and bookmarks to help.

Space Themed Finds: ABC, Number Shape & Sight Words are a fun way to look for and find ABC, Number Shape & Sight Words with tracing included.

Going to the Moon Easy Reader Book is a great easy reader book for kids to read about the moon.

Order of the Planets Easy Reader Book works on numbers order for kids with planets.

Planet ABC wall Cards has two types of alphabet wall cards. They have uppercase and lowercase letters together and uppercase letters only.

Space ABC Find And Tracing Printables has uppercase and lowercase letter options for the ABC learning center.

Space Fun Planet Themed Writing Paper has several planets and other space themes for kids to use for writing activities.

Space Themed Math, Numbers & Shapes Printables

Space Dot the Number & Count the Dots - numbers 1 to 20 with dot marker activities for kids to work on numbers and counting - 3Dinosaurs.com

Star Wars Math: Comparing Stormtrooper Fractions is a great way to work on learning different fractions.

Space Themed Number Color and Trace is a great way to work on numbers 0 to 20.

Space Dot the Number & Count The Number is a great way to work on numbers 0 to 20. It comes in color and black and white.

You also have a Rocket Ship Number Dot Marker & Counting with the same dot the nubmer and count the dots on the rocket ship. It has numbers from 0 to 20.

You can also find a fun Crescent Moon version as well.

Star Wars Themed Daily Math is a way to work on math every day with a Star Wars Theme.

Star Wars Themed Number Printables is a daily number printable that you can use with kids.

Space Themed Subtraction Puzzle is an easy to use puzzle with 12 pieces with a mat and matching pieces.

Planet & Moon Themed Counting Mats: 1 to 10 has counting from 1 to 10 with a playdough mat and ten frame for counting.

Fun Space Skip Counting by 5 Puzzles are a hands-on way to work on skip counting by 5s.

Space Themed Multiplication Cut & Paste has numbers to multiply from 1 to 12 with a cut and paste the answer.

Hands-On Space Themed Division Clip Cards are a fun hands-on activity for working on Division. You have 12 pages with numbers 1 to 12 covered.

Space Theme Division by 8 Matching is a fun hands-on activity for matching division by 8s.

Space Theme Skip Counting Strips are fun skip counting strips activities that work on numbers 1 to 12.

Planet & Spaceship Place Value Sorting has three levels of place value to work from first grade to fourth grade!

Hands-On Fun With Star Themed Shape Playdough Mats are some fun playdough mats for kids to work on shapes.

Fine Motor Fun With Space Shape Tracing is a nice shape tracing activity with 8 shapes to work on.

Other Space Themed Printables

Free Space Themed Gross Motor Dice - 2 sets of dice for kids to get moving and with space themes - 3Dinosaurs.com

7 Days of Blast Off Space Printables! was a fun series that Royal Baloo and I did. Be sure to check out all seven days from both of us.

Handy Free Planet Information Bookmarks For Kids are a fun way to learn about the planets in our solar system.

Fine Motor Fun: Planet Themed Prewriting Activity has 6 fun prewriting pages for kids to use.

Moon Landing Gross Motor Dice has 6 fun movements that get kids moving while working on learning about the moon.

The Rocketing Space Gross Motor Dice will get kids moving in no time with these fun movements.

Eclipse Recording Sheet: Lunar or Solar is a great recording sheet you can do while watching these fun events.

Planets Calendar Set with space themed planet calendar cards!

Also check out these other space printables:

Space Art Crafts & Activities

Crafts and activities can cover a wide range. You are going to find sensory bins, hands-on crafts, kids being creative with stickers, fine motor activities, and more.

There are constellation and planet-themed activities that cover different types of skills.

Space Art Crafts & Activities - included sensory bins, craft projects, books and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

20+ Moon Printables & Activities is a great theme for space activities.

10+ Space Books We Love are some of our favorite books to read about space. Loads of reading for a fun subject.

October Poppins Book Nook: Beyond Our Planet is a great set of books we used for our theme for that month.

Space Themed Summer Fun for Kids has some great ideas that kids can do for a space theme.

Space Sensory Bins

Space Water Bead Sensory Bin - 3Dinosaurs.com

Space Water Bead Sensory Bin is a great sensory bin to explore different parts of space and the planets with water beads…and we love those water beads.

Space Sensory Bin is a simple space objects and beads bin that takes just minutes to put together.

Kinetic Sand Space Moon Walking Sensory Bin is a great sensory bin for kids to play in.

Hands-On Making Constellations Sensory Bin is a great fine motor activity that kids can do while learning about the constellations.

Mars Sensory Bin with Kinetic Sand is a fun way to explore what it might be like to visit Mars!

Space Story is about letting kids be creative in their use of sticks and have fun just learning and creating.

Space Arts & Crafts

A Fun Space Theme Wreath - make a paper plate wreath with a space theme that has planets and stars - 3Dinosaurs.com

Easy Galaxy Oil Pastel Painting is a fun craft to look at galaxies and how they are all different.

Model Magic Planets are such fun to make and hands-on ways for kids to see just how different the planets can be.

Making Constellations is a fun way to see crayon resist in action while working on different constellaions.

Easy To Make Torn Paper Planets is a simple and easy craft that you make from torn paper that works fine motor skills into the learning.

Fine Motor Perler Bead Planets are loads of fun to make and allow kids to think about how different each of the planets is.

A Fun Space Theme Wreath is a simple and easy space themed wreath for kids to make.

Fun to Make Washi Tape Moon is a great fine motor craft that kids can do with gray colored washi tape. It is simple and easy to prepare and make.

Easy to Make Phases Of the Moon Wreath is an easy way to show the different phaes of the moon.

Watercolor Moon: Lunar Eclipse is a great process art activity and learning about lunar eclipses.

Process Art: Watercolor Moon is a fun watercolor painting activity for kids to make a moon.

Model of phase of the Moon with a fun book tie in for the magic Tree House Series.

Watercolor & Oil Pastel Night Sky is a fun night sky painting activity.

Watercolor Galaxies are fun watercolor pencil galaxies that you can make.

Watercolor & Oil Pastel: Planet Mars

Also check out these other space activities:

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