71+ Addition Printables & Activities

There are loads of fun Addition printables and activities on the site. You can work on learning addition and learning different ways to do addition.

You will find flashcards, bookmarks, hands-on activities, help mats, no-prep worksheets and more.

There is a great mix so that many different kids can learn to work on addition.

71+ Addition Printables & Activities - with a mix of cards, bookmarks, worksheets, task cards, ten frame cards, help mats, number bonds, math fact house, no-prep seasonal worksheets, addition maths and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

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What is Addition?

Addition is defined as adding something to something else. So that is adding different things together.

This is where kids learn one plus one equals 2 or 1 + 1 = 2. You start on simple and work up to more complex math.

There are many ways to work on addition. And this post is going to share loads of printables and ideas for those printables to work on addition.

Things to use with the Addition Printables

There are some of the most commonly used items with these addition printables. I always get asked what I use and it is this list. The links are to Amazon to make it easy to find the items.

You are going to find no-prep printables, hands-on learning, help mats, flashcards, and more in the set. I have divided them up below in different sections to help you find what you need.

Addition Flashcards & Bookmarks

These are mix of different types of cards on the site. You will find flashcards in different colors, wall cards to help see the addition, and bookmarks. These are all great helps for addition.

Free Addition Bookmarks - Numbers 1 to 20 - 3Dinosaurs.com

Addition Flashcards 1 to 10 come ins 5 colors for you to pick from. You have white, green, red, pink, and blue.

Addition Flashcards for 11-20 comes in five color options for you to pick from. They are the same colors as the 1 to 10 cards.

Addition Bookmarks is a great way to see how to add up to a nubmer. You can also get a set that has a different version in the selling set.

Addition Wall Cards: 1 to 20 is a simple way to add up to numbers from 1 to 20.

Addition Sorting, Clip Cards, Task Cards and Other Hands-On Activities

There are many different fun printables that work on addition. I like it when I can add in a hands-on element to change up how they are working on it. These addition printables help with the hands-on part.

Free Bear Addition and Subtraction Clip Cards - 10 cards for each type of math with a colorful bears, numberline and clip numbers to work on addition and subtraction from 1 to 10 - 3Dinosaurs.com

Ways to Add with Flashcards and Erasers is a hands-on approach to using flashcards.

Transportation Themed Addition Clip Cards are great for working on addition.

Dragon Themed Addition Cards are great for adding different numbers to work on building the math equation.

Bear Themed Addition, & Subtraction Clip Cards has addition clip with a number line to help with the addition.

Dog House Themed Addition Matching has addition from 1 to 10 with sorting and recording.

Beach Themed Addition Puzzle is a great 12 piece puzzles to work on addition from 1 to 12.

Watermelon Addition Matching works on matching addition to the correct watermelon.

Ice Cream Cone Addition & Subtraction Fact Family Matching works on addition and subtraction from 1 to 20 with matching ice cream cones and scoops.

Apple Themed Double Digit Addition Puzzles are great for working on number and building the puzzle.

Snowman Addition Matching Puzzles is a fun addition puzzles for matching two equations and the answer.

Rainbow Addition Matching: 1 to 20 is an easy matching activity with number bond mat to help compare numbers. It is a fun two piece puzzle math activity.

Addition Ten Frame Cards

The ten frame cards are fun for adding. You do all the adding in a ten frame. These cards help you see how the numbers add up to 10.

Free Dinosaur Ten Frame Addition Cards - 12 cards with recording sheet with two styles of cards - 3Dinosaurs.com

Penguin Addition Ten Frame Cards has cute penguins for in the ten frames with two options for the cards.

Raindrop Ten Frame Addition is a fun raindrop themed cards with filled out and blank versions.

Easter Ten Frame Addition Cards has fun easter eggs and Easter bunny theme for kids to work on addition from 1 to 10. Plus has a recording sheet for the 12 cards.

Butterfly Themed Ten Frame Addition Cards has fun butterflies to work on addition from 1 to 10.

Football Ten Frame Addition Cards & Worksheet lets you work on adding from numbers 1 to 10 with a matching worksheet.

Pencil Ten Frame Addition Cards & Worksheet has two sets of cards for kids to learn with. It works on numbers from 1 to 10.

Dinosaur Ten Frame Addition Cards has addition from 1 to 10 and dinosaurs are always fun.

Addition Mats & Helps

There are many types of mats you can use with addition. I have a few of these mats here. You will find several different types of mats and levels.

Free Addition 1 to 10 Playdough Mats - addition playdough mats with math from 1 to 10 with number line, equation, and matching circles for hands-on math - 3Dinosaurs.com #handsonmath #freeprintable #playdoughmat #addition #kindergarten #firstgrade

Number Bond Mats: Addition & Subtraction have great ways to build the numbers on the bond and then solve the equation.

Math Number Bond Mats: Addition has the number bond with two ways to write the equation. You have an option with the number line and without the number lines.

Math Fact House: Addition & Subtraction has several math fact house for kids to work on addition and subtraction together.

Addition & Subtraction Number Bond Mats with 100 Chart has a 100 number chart and section for doing the math facts for numbers.

Place Value Mats for Addition help show kids how to add with place value and how it works.

Addition 1 to 10 Playdough Mats has a page for each nubmer to work on adding up to that number with a number line math equations and spots for building the numbers.

Gumball Themed: Hands-on Math has an addition mat for kids to use to add.

Roll a Candy Jar Math – Addition has addition for 2 to 12 for kids to learn with colors and having fun!

Seasonal Addition Mats

Each of these maths works on math addition up to 20 with items for adding build the number and equation.

FREE Hands-On Beach Themed Addition & Subtraction Mats - two mats with counters for ten frame and shells for the pail - 3Dinosaurs.com

Dinosaur Themed Addition Mat is a fun way to do a fun theme while adding.

Apple Themed Addition Mat has apples for kids to add.

Thanksgiving Math With Addition has food theme for the adding.

Christmas Themed Addition Mat has a Christmas tree theme for the adding.

Valentines Themed Addition Mat has cupid and hearts for the theme.

Beach Themed Addition Mats has a shell theme for the adding.

No-Prep and Low Prep Addition Worksheets & Printables

Each of these printables is a fun low-prep or no-prep printable to work on addition. You can see several ways to use each printable.

FREE Fun And Easy To Use: Ways To Add Up To 20 - 2 types of printable 44 pages total - 3Dinosaurs.com

Link Theme Math Pack has some no-prep and hands-on addition with links.

Ways To Add Up To 20 has two sets of worksheets for kids to use to learn the different ways to add up to a number.

Ways to Add Up with numbers from 1 to 10. With a mix of worksheets and other printables.

Star Wars Themed Daily Math works on math facts for kids!

Groundhog Spinning Addition has three levels of addition for kids to work on.

Beach Themed Dice with Math Facts is a fun seasonal way to work on math facts for addition and subtraction.

Shark Themed Greater Than – Less Than Sorting has shark sorting with addition.

Adding Pirate Coins Easy Reader Books: Single and Double Digit is a great easy reader book for kids to learn addition.

Apple Daily Math has daily math to work on the nubmer of the day. It has 30 pages.

Apple Roll & Graph Math For Addition is a great way to work on addition with dice.

Pumpkin Daily Math is a great way to work on daily math facts for kids.

Monster Spinning Addition has three levels of addition for kids to work on.

Countdown to Christmas with Numbers & Math is a great math printables for work on addition and subtraction math facts.

Christmas Addition Find has numbers from 1 to 10.

Christmas Themed Word Printables has addition and subtraction from 1 to 20 with fun word problems.

Flower Petal Counting & Math Printable has counting and addition for the flower petals in color and black and white.

Ocean Themed Addition Word Printables has easy word problems for kids to solve.

Camping Spin & Cover Addition

Ocean Themed Addition Spin & Color has addition with two numbers for kids to work on their addition facts.

Seasonal Addition No-Prep Worksheets

There are some seasonal no-prep worksheets that have 30 days worth of daily math of addition and subtraction. They are great for morning work, homework, or those that need just a little extra practice.

No Prep Fall Themed Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division - 30 pages no-prep printables with a mix of addition and subtraction or multiplication and division activities plus a math center activities with three fall themes: general fall, apples and pumpkins - 3Dinosaurs.com #noprepmath #tpt #addition #subtraction #multiplication #division #fallforkids #pumpkins #apples #fall

Ocean No-Prep Math: Addition & Subtraction has fun ocean animals for the addition and subtraciton. Plus is a great summer theme.

Spring Themed No-Prep Math: Addition & Subtraction has birds, raind and more for a great spring theme.

St Patrick’s Day No-Prep Math: Addition & Subtraction has rainbows, pots of gold and leperchanus for kids to learn and review addition and subtraction.

No-Prep Valentines Math Printables For Addition & Subtraction has hearts, flowers and more for working on addition.

No-Prep Gingerbread Math Printables For Addition & Subtraction has cute gingerbread men and gumdrops for you to learn addition and subtaction.

No-Prep Winter Printables: Addition & Subtraction has snowflakes, mittens and more for kids to learn addition and subtraction.

Thanksgiving No-Prep Math Packs: Addition & Subtraction has turkeys, feathers, pie and more for fun addition and subtraction.

No-Prep Candy & Halloween Math Packs: Addition & Subtraction has a candy theme and great Halloween themes for kids to learn about addition and subtraction.

No-Prep Math Packs For Fall: Fall, Apples and Pumpkins: Addition & Subtraction has three fun themes and all great for fall for addition and subtraction. Each theme is its own set!

School Themed No-Prep Math is great for any time of the year with this fun school theme.

Zoo Themed No-Prep Math Printables is a great summer theme with loads of zoo anmails to help with addition and subtraction review.

Multiplication Rolling Math Games

These are all fun rolling games you do with dice. They are simple and easy to do. There are a game board and pieces to add to the board based on what you rolled. You can work on addition with a six sided die.

Free Roll a Candy Jar Math - Counting, Addition & Multiplication - There are great for kindergarten, prek, first grade, second grade, and third grade with a great way to reuse math practice  - 3Dinosaurs.com

The Roll a Candy Jar Math is a fun game that can be done with dot markers or counters. You have addition with a 6-sided dice.

The Roll A Cornucopia has several foods to put in the cornucopia based on your adding of the die rolls.

Roll a Fairy Tale Castle has knights princess, dragons, and more to add to your castle mat based on the roll of the dice.

Halloween Math Game: Roll A Witch’s Brew has fun ingredients to add to the cauldron based on the roll of the dice.

Math: Roll a Pond Scene has fun pond animals and pond to put the animals on.

Math: Roll a Winter Scene is fun to add kids, snowman and other winter activities while rolling your dice.

Roll a Farm Printable has farm animals to add to the farm.

Roll An Easter Basket Printable lets you fill the Easter basket based on what you roll.

Roll An Apple Tree has addition for adding from 2 to 12. with six fun apples to add to the tree.

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Cassie – 3Dinosaurs.com

71+ Addition Printables & Activities - with a mix of cards, bookmarks, worksheets, task cards, ten frame cards, help mats, number bonds, math fact house, no-prep seasonal worksheets, addition maths and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

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