29+ Color Printables & Activities

There are so many fun ways to work on colors! You can find colors, spell color words as more!

I love that there are so many ways to work on colors. And this is great collection of color printable and color activities for kids to do.

You are going to find a mix of hands-on color printables, no-prep color printables, color easy reader books, color packs, color crafts, color activities and more!

29 + Color Printables & Activities - a fun mix of color crafts, color sensory bins, color no-prep printables, color hands-on printables, color easy reader books and more for working on finding colors and color words - 3Dinosaurs.com

We have included links to some of the products and resources we have used with this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission.

I have put together all the color activities on the site. This is a great way to work on matching colors, reading color words and more.

Each color activity one has a different way to work on learning colors and color words.

Things to use with the Color Printable & Activities

Romping & Roaring Color Packs

The Romping & Roaring Color Packs have 11 color packs for kids. The set has puzzles, playdough mats, tracing, writing, reading, and more! Each color pack has 23 pages of printables for working on color words.

Plus the extras in the set have easy reader books, a color word printable pack, and more!

Romping & Roaring Color Word Packs - 3Dinosaurs.com

Butterfly Color pack – a great color pack that has matching puzzles, word puzzles, color word worksheets, easy reader book, color clip cards, and more!

Color Printables Cards

Free Color Wall Cards - 11 wall cards with color word and picture in color. - 3Dinosaurs.com

Color Themed Wall Cards has 11 color words for kids to work on. A big picture for each color and the color word. There is also a Color Word Wall Card Set that has different color word options.

Color Bookmarks has 11 colors for kids to learn with a color word and matching picture in the color.

The Color Activities has a few color cards.

Color Printables Hands-On Activities

Free Color Word Playdough Mats - 11 color words with picture and playdough mat area for kids to learn the words - 3Dinosaurs.com

Color Word Playdough Mats has the 11 color words for the playdough and matching colored pictures for kids to see.

Color Easy Reader Books

There are several color easy reader books. The color easy reader books have the same theme repeated plus some have other activities that match along with the books.

Free Pencil Color Themed Clip Cards & Easy Reader Book - 11 clip cards with matching easy reader book - 3Dinosaurs.com

Winter Themed Color Easy Reader Boooks

Heart Color Easy Reader Book & Clip Cards is a great books for a heart them or Valentines!

Spring Themed Color Easy Reader Boooks

Tractor Color Clip Cards & Matching Book has 6 colors for kids to learn plus matching clip cards.

Butterfly Color Easy Reader Book & Clip Cards have 11 colors with butterflies for the theme. You have an easy reader book and matching color clip cards. This is a great spring theme for kids in kindergarten. You can also buy a full Butterfly Color Pack!

Fall Themed Color Easy Reader Boooks

Pencil Color Themed Clip Cards & Easy Reader Book has several colors to learn in an easy reader book plus matching clip cards.

Apple Color Easy Reader Book & Clip Cards is a great fall color book for kids to color and then clip the colors.

Summer Themed Color Easy Reader Boooks

Fireworks Themed Counting & Color Word Easy Reader Book has counting of fireworks and then coloring in the matching color on each page.

Color No-Prep Printables

Color Coloring Pages - 11 color coloring pages in an easy no-prep format - 3Dinosaurs.com

Color Coloring Pages has 11 color words for kids to learn with. There is also a Color Coloring Page selling set with different options.

You can see different ways to use the color coloring pages here.

Color Dot Marker Words has 11 color words for kids to dot or dot and trace the word. You also have a Color Word selling version that has coloring with the dot marker work.

Candy Shape Spin, Trace & Color has several shapes in a jar to trace and color with color the spinning wheel. This is great for fine motor and colors.

Christmas Themed Color Coloring Pages has 11 color works but in Christmas themes!

Color Crafts & Activites

Color Crafts & Painting Activities

Color Pattern Sticks - 3Dinosaurs.com

Watercolor Color Wheel is a super fun way to make a color wheel! This is great for seeing how color can get mixed.

Color Mixing Painting is a great activity to see how colors mix and have a fun book to read at the same time!

Color Freight Train has two ways to mix colors and see how they work with a great book matching the activity.

Color Pattern Craft Sticks is a great coloring and pattern activity that works on fine motor skills.

Color Hands-on & Sensory Bin Activities

Hands on Learning: Color Matching Butterflies - 3Dinosaurs.com

Color Matching Butterflies is a great color matching activity you can do with butterflies!

Coloring Water Beads is a fun color learning activity with water beads!

Color Sorting & Patterns with Links is a hands-on sorting color activity with links. Super fun to do and great for fine motor work.

Button Sorting: Color & Shape is about sorting different shapes by color and then by shape. A fun hands-on learning of colors.

Rainbow Colors Water Bead Sensory Bin is a fun color theme with loads lots of colors for kids to see and explore.

Pink Themed Sensory Bin is a great sensory bin for the color pink!

Color Search and Find is a great color matching activity for kids that are learning colors.

Color Books

You can check out our Color Books here. There are so many great books to read!

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