Our Favorite Color Books

We just love reading books and every year we work on looking for new and different books. Today I have some of our favorite colors books. I find that learning about a subject multiple ways is always fun.

Each of these books is a book that we have liked and read many times. I also share a few activities we have done with some of the books.

Our Favorite Color Books - 3Dinosaurs.com

Bear Sees Colors (The Bear Books) is s great book about bear exploring the colors around him. I like how each of the colors work so well in the nature setting. It makes you think about looking for colors around you.

Monsters Love Colors has been a classic at our house for a while. We love the scribbles that each of the monsters make. It shows fun ways that colors can be mixed.

Mix It Up! is a great way to look at mixing colors. This is a fun interactive book for kids to learn colors. You can also do some of the activities from the book in with paints at home.

Mouse Paint is another good book for kids to see how colors are mixed and change. We did a fun activity with this book: Color Mixing

A Color of His Own is a book we love at our house. You get to watch the chamelion as he becomes different colors and then friends someone to travel with and learns that it is more important to have friends than a color of his own.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? My First Reader is a great repeative book with colors. We read this book every night for at least a year when my girls were younger. We still read the book a lot now. We did a fun gross motor activity a little while ago.

Little Blue and Little Yellow is s great story and two friends blue and yellow. It should really well how colors blends together and changes things. I also like how this book is about friendship and changes.

Planting a Rainbow is one of our favorite books. We read this one every year in the spring. It should so well how many different colors you can find just in flowers.

Big Book of Colours (Big Books) is a book we found at the library and just love. Each of the pages is full of pictures of each color. We have had lots of fun just looking and naming the pictures on the pages.

Put Me in the Zoo (I can read it all by myself’ Beginner Books) has been a favorite for a long time. We just love looking at all the different colors dots! These books are ones you can read over and over and ejoy the rhyming words and different color dots that you see.

Freight Train has become a favorite at our house. We really did enjoy read this book this summer. We did a fun project with the book: Color Freight Train. I love reading the book and seeing the colors and how they all mix together as the train goes faster.

Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards)) was a color book that we got introduced to in the Virutal Book Club. I love looking at all the colors of the sheeps. Check out our fun Green Sheep Craft we did with the book.

Check out these other color activities and printables:

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  1. Alison says:

    This is an awesome list, some of my fave kids books! Your post is one of my faves on the blog hop this week. Thanks for sharing it at the Thoughtful Spot Blog Hop! 🙂

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