60+ Summer & Camping Themed Activities and Printables

Summer and camping have always been one of my favorite themes. There are so many themes to work with. You have ice cream, water, camping, watermelon, sun, and more.

I’m always adding new printables and activities that you can do. I thought it would be good to put them all together in one place that was easy to find for everyone.

Summer & Camping Printables & Activities - printables, crafts, hands-on activities and more - 3Dinosaurs.com

It is fun to have these different themes. And there are so many general summer themes that kids can do. I love exploring them. I have list of items to use with the printables and activities. I hope that you enjoy all of the activities.

Here are a few items to use with these summer printables and activities

As always these are divided up into printables and activities to help you find what you are looking for.

Summer & Camping Printables

The printables are divided below by type. You are going to find themed packs, ABCs, numbers, learning to read, writing, and math.

Summer & Camping Printables & Activities - printables, crafts, hands-on activities and more -3Dinosaurs.com

Summer Themed Pack Printables

Summer Pack is a full season pack with loads of activities for various ages. It has over 75 pages plus a tot pack as well.

Summer Activities Pack has 189 pages of prewriting, ABCs, numbers, and shapes. You will find clip cards, easy reader books, no-prep pages, and tracing strips.

Summer Olympics Pack is load up with tons of summer sports you can use during the summer! it has over 100 pages.

BBQ Pack has fun items you need or might have at a BBQ. It has over 60 pages

Summer Learning Programs
I can’t talk about summer printables without sharing the summer learning program. Each of these is designed to work on different levels and skills with an easy no-prep summer program. There are 3 programs and each one is different with different levels. You work on the grade you just finished.

Swing Into Summer Learning has 7 levels 6 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade. The themes are Zoo, Superhero. Explorer, Bugs and Monster.
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 1 Zoo
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 2 Superhero
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 3 Explorer
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 4 Bugs
Swing Into Summer Learning: Week 5 Monsters

Build up Summer learning has 6 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. It themes are Pirate, Pond, Robot, Farm, and Camping.
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 1 Pirate
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 2 Pond
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 3 Robots
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 4 Farm
Build Up Summer Learning: Week 5 Camping

Jump Into Sumemr Learning can be used with this years program. It has 4 levels Tot, PreK, Kinder and First Grade. It themes are Space, Ocean, Beach, Dinosaur and Pioneer.
Jump Into Summer Learning: Space Week 1
Jump Into Summer Learning: Ocean Week 2
Jump Into Summer Learning: Beach Week 3
Jump Into Summer Learning: Dinosaur Week 4
Jump Into Summer Learning: Pioneer Week 5

ABCs, Learning to Read and Writing Printables

Mini Camping Themed Sequencing & Summer Sequencing Sets has 4 new sequencing sets for summer, plus a mini free to check out.

Easy No-Prep Summer ABC Find Printable are loads of fun to use, plus see a different way we use them.

Summer Bookmarks are 12 fun summer themed bookmarks to keep place in your books while reading this summer.

The Summer Reading Bookmarks are a great way to keep track of books and minutes kids have read.

Weekly Summer 2015 Reading Charts two diferent types of charts for kids to use. Plus there is another set of Weekly Reading Charts you can check out as well.

Summer Reading Charts with 100 charts and 4 question answer pages to use.

Summer Bucket List has three styles for kids of different ages to use.

Summer Bucket List: Top 10 is a way to fill in 10 different things for 4 areas: books, places to see, crafts to do, and activities to try.

Going Hiking Easy Reader Book is a fun 8 page book with hiking items kids need.

Ice Cream Cone ABC Matching has all 26 letters and works on uppercase and lowercase letters with sounds.

Hands-on Learning With Summer Themed Spelling Puzzles has 10 spelling puzzles and a recording sheet.

Summer Sports Bookmarks are get for learning the words or keeping place in books.

Summer Olympic Easy Reader Book is a great book about the summer sports you can see.

Summer Olympics Observation Sheet Extra is a great way to keep track of sports you watch.

Romping & Roaring W Pack has a watermelon theme to it.

Romping & Roaring S Pack has a sun theme to it.

Summer Themed ABC & Number Wall Cards were made for FreeHomeschoolDeals.

Summer & Camping Numbers And Math Printables

Easy No Prep Summer Themed Number Color and Trace has 5 fun summer themes like camping, summer, bubbles and more.

Summer Themed No Prep Math Printables has addition and subtraciton or division and multiplication options are great review for the summer.

Summer Dot the Number & Counting: Sun, Ice Cream, & Watermelon has numbers from 0 to 20 with dotting the number and counting!

Summer Ten Frame Sets: Bubbles & Beach Two fun sets for summer with 4 cards, worksheets and matching easy reader books.

Easy To Use Camping Skip Counting by 5s Puzzles are so much fun to use for hands-on learning of skip counting.

Summer Kids Counting Easy Reader Book is a fun easy reader book that work on numbers 0 to 10.

Ice Cream Cone Number Counting, Tracing & Writing Mats has 10 fun mats to work on numbers with tracing, counting, and ten frames.

Hands-On Learning with Summer Skip Counting by 6 Puzzles are a fun way to work on skip counting.

Summer Roll & Graph is a great way to work on graphing and tracing numbers.

Watermelon Addition Matching is a super fun way to work on addition from 1 to 10.

Ice Cream Cone Number Color & Trace has numbers 1 to 10 was made for FreeHomeschoolDeals.

Other Printables
Fun To Use Bear Walk Gross Motor Dice is a great camping themed gross motor activity.

Camping Gross Motor Dice is another gross motor activity that you can do this summer.

Summer Themed Monthly Cleaning Printable

Summer Themed To Do List Printables is a great way to keep on track of things this summer.

Summer Menu Printable is a great way for kids to know about snacks and what is to eat every day.

Summer Crafts, Activities & Sensory Play

You can going to find a collection of great activities that you can do during the summer. There are some arts and crafts, sensory play and more.

Summer & Camping Printables & Activities - printables, crafts, hands-on activities and more -3Dinosaurs.com

Activities & Crafts
Favorite Gross Motor Equipment for the Summer has all the outdoor gross motor stuff we love.

Fun Summer Fine Motor & Creativity Toys are some of our favorite activities to do inside when it is too hot.

Having Fun to Prevent the Summer Slide has fun ways to learn this summer!

How To Sneak In Writing This Summer! has some ideas for easy summer writing activities.

Favorite Summer Activities is a great guest post by Mama Smiles!

Torn Paper Ice Cream Cone is a fun fine motor craft kids can make.

Torn Paper Mountains is an easy craft using scrapbooking paper.

Great Fine Motor Craft: Torn Paper Nature Scene is a fun summer themed nature scene that kids can make.

Sensory Play & Sensory Bins

Easy Sensory Fun: Water Beads in Shaving Cream is easy to set up and a great way to reuse water beads.

Shaving Cream and Foam Blocks Sensory Play is another great sensory play that kids can do.

Great Sensory Play With Camping Themed Slime is fun and easy to make and great for a summer theme.

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